Our pre-written text Templates make set easier than ever. It only takes a few minutes to set up your First Time Visitor Follow Up Series so you can ensure no one falls through the cracks!

Setting up your First Time Visitor Follow Up Series

  1. Navigate to the "Discover" tab under the "Tools" menu and search for the “First Time Visitor? Get to Know Us!” template.

  2. Click on the template and read the instructions under “Let’s set up the Series!"

  3. Make any changes you want to the Series and customize the messages to your church.

    Don't Forget: Make sure to replace the [bracketed] content with your information!

  4. Click Save to make your Series active!

Important: Once the Series is saved, you can find it active in your "Series" tab. This is where to navigate in order to make any additional updates.

How to get your guests to text in

  1. Create an SMS QR code and place it on a slide or in the bulletin for first time guests to scan.

  2. Verbally announce during service for your guests to "Text GUEST to [YOUR NUMBER]."

  3. Print your call-to-action on posters and/or bulletins that are placed around your church.

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