Now that you're using Gloo, there are a few administrative tasks you'll want to do before getting too far along. The good news is that these should only take about 🕒20-30 minutes and once they're set, you can forget about them!

✔️ Add your Team Members

Every account includes unlimited Team Members, so you can recruit others to help manage the account. Upon inviting a new Team Member, that person will receive an email inviting them to create their own login information. You can even set different permission levels for your various teammates!

Navigate to "Settings," then "Team" to invite team members to your account.

View the full Team Member guide here.

✔️ Set up your Automations

Gloo's Automations are designed to save you time! Set up your answers to commonly asked questions now, and every time someone texts related to one of the topics listed, Gloo uses natural language processing to automatically respond!

Navigate to "Settings," then "Automations" to fill them out.

View full Automations guide here.

✔️ Edit your Customizations

Gloo automatically acknowledges when someone sends in a text so people receive immediate feedback. Customizations give you the ability to make sure every text sent fits your unique culture. Edit each response - or simply do nothing and the default will be sent!

Navigate to "Settings," then "Customizations" to edit them.

View full Customizations guide here.

✔️ Create any Groups

Groups are a great way to keep your People organized, and they are helpful when sending Broadcasts. Create Groups for your different ministries, different interests, different stages of life, and more - any way you want to segment your people.

Navigate to "Settings," then "Groups" to start creating!

Note: Groups can be created in Gloo, created via Church Management System integration, or you can do both!

View full Groups guide here.

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