What is a Challenge?

A Challenge is a task list to complete in order to maximize your account and help you become an expert in all that’s available to you!

Viewing a Challenge

  1. Your favorited Challenge will be displayed on the Home Page of Gloo account.

    Note: A default Challenge will be favorited unless you favorite one yourself. See Step 6 for how to favorite Challenges.

  2. Click View Challenge to see the expanded view of the Challenge.

  3. View all the available Challenges on the left.


  4. View the current Challenge progress of completion and full task list on the right.


  5. Click into a task to view more detail on what to do for that step. There are helpful links embedded in the task details to make completing a step easier!


  6. To view and track a new Challenge on your homepage, favorite the Challenge by clicking the star next to the Challenge.

Completing a Challenge

  1. As you complete each task, a green checkmark will appear next to the task.


  2. Once you’ve accomplished all of the tasks, the progress bar will be 100% completed and your Challenge will move to the “Completed” list.

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