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About the REVEAL Assessment Bundle
About the REVEAL Assessment Bundle

This article will provide an overview of the REVEAL Assessment Bundle and the resources available to ensure a successful event.

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About the REVEAL Bundle

After over a decade of research, REVEAL assessments were created as a trusted tool to help church leaders gather in-depth research on the spiritual growth of their congregation.

Church leaders can depend on the assessments for in-depth insights that help you make more informed decisions on managing your church’s human and financial resources, planning your programming, and strategizing for future growth.

REVEAL For Church

This assessment is the most comprehensive product offered by REVEAL. It is designed to surface actionable, fact-based insights about the spiritual health of your congregation plus focused, effective “next step” recommendations.

This assessment is a widely recognized, cutting edge tool that provides strategic direction based on statistically reliable facts. Its fifteen-year history has witnessed hundreds of churches gain spiritual ground based on decisions relying on its findings. But REVEAL does not leave you to interpret its results completely on your own. Included with the assessment is a one-hour consultation with a research expert who has ten-plus years of REVEAL consulting experience.

REVEAL Church Engagement

This assessment is a quick measure of three aspects of church and congregant spiritual life: involvement in church activities, engagement in catalytic spiritual practices, and view of the church’s environment for growth. Comprised of 18 carefully selected questions from the complete REVEAL for Church assessment, it is perfect for fielding at a Sunday service or any other gathering where time is limited. The results are designed to help you quickly understand what you can do to increase engagement and spur spiritual growth in your congregants.

REVEAL Individual

Based on findings from 15 years of research on promoting spiritual growth, this brief assessment provides you with insights on where your congregants are in their spiritual journeys. It focuses on the catalysts of spiritual growth that have emerged through analysis of REVEAL’s database of over 2,300 churches and more than 500,000 congregants. REVEAL’s database comparisons show your results relative to those of a diverse group of churches representing many denominations, sizes, styles, and geography. Knowing where your congregants are makes it possible to guide them in taking their next step. REVEAL Individual also provides individualized feedback to respondents immediately after completing the assessment that they can choose to share with their mentor or small group.

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