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Create and configure a new Assessment
Create and configure a new Assessment
How to create and modify templated or custom Assessments
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Create a new Assessment from the Library

  1. To begin, log into your Assessments account and navigate to the Library. From here you can explore all of the pre-configured Assessments and find one that fits your needs. To explore an Assessment, click on the card.

  2. If you scroll down you can preview the Assessment to see all of the questions that will be sent to participants, as well as see a sample report that will be generated based on their responses.

  3. Click "Configure New Assessment" to deploy the Assessment in your account.

  4. Name your Assessment and click "Save."

  5. Once on the Configuration page, you'll see six options to customize your Assessment. First, you can set the name of the Assessment that your participants will see, and the dates you want the Assessment to be active. A start date is required, but an end date is optional.

  6. Next, choose whether you'd like participants to submit contact information or keep the Assessment anonymous.

  7. The "Required + Custom Questions" section grants you up to 30 additional questions or text fields at the end of your Assessment. These additional questions will not impact the result of the official Assessment data you are collecting, but can be a powerful and easy way to learn more about your participants.

    Note: You cannot view the templated questions from this page, but if you go back to the Library and view the card again, you can preview the Assessment to see the templated required questions.

    To add custom questions:

    • Click "Add Question" and choose the type of question you wish to add.

    • For Instruction Questions, or to give instructions in your assessment, add your desired text and click Save.

    • For Short Answer Questions, fill in the question you would like to ask.

    • For Multiple Choice Questions fill in the question field and options field with the desired choices. Participants will only be able to select one response.

    • For Multi-Select Questions, fill in the question field and options field with the desired choices. Participants will be able to select multiple responses.

      • Click "Add Option" if you need to create additional options fields.

    • Click the trash can icon to delete unwanted options.

    • Click "Save" when finished.

  8. In the "After the Assessment" section, you can offer prompts or information to display to your participants once the Assessment is complete. You can:

    • Display the participant's results so they can see their answers. This is only available on some Assessments.

    • Just show a "Thank You" screen

    • Redirect them to a custom URL.

  9. Finally, the Next Step section allows you to direct participants to an external resource and encourage them to take action after the survey. Some examples include sending them to an events calendar or small group sign up. To configure this, first click the toggle labeled "Provide a next step to participants." Then click "Configure Next Step."

  10. Give your Next Step a title and description to describe the action you are asking people to take, and then enter in a label for the button and the link you'd like it to direct to.

Create a new custom Assessment from scratch

  1. From the Library tab you can click "Create New Survey" to begin.

  2. You can also go to your My Assessments tab and click ""Configure New Assessment." To create a custom Assessment, choose "Custom Survey" from the dropdown menu.

  3. Once you've named your survey, you will be given the same six customization options explained above. You will set up your Assessment the same as before- the only difference is that your "Required + Custom Questions" field will be completely blank and you will be required to create all of the questions for your Assessment.

View/Modify your Assessments

If you currently have an Assessment deployed, you can choose your desired Assessment by clicking on its title under the "My Assessments" tab. From here you can edit the Assessment.


Some Assessment authors restrict the questions by question breakdown. Feel free to reach out to Gloo Support ( if you see this in your Assessment and have questions.

Assessment Deletion

If you need to delete an Assessment, please contact support (

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