Once you've created an Assessment in your account, the next step is to send it out to participants. Our app makes it easy to both preview your Assessment to make sure you have everything set up the way you want and to send it out to participants in one of three different ways.

Previewing Assessments

To preview an Assessment under your My Assessments page, navigate from the Assessment to the Preview tab.

There are three ways to preview an Assessment. You will be able to go through the entire Assessment as if you were a participant. However, no results recorded during any of these previews will be saved.

  1. Preview with text code- simply text the code to the number provided to receive a text message invite to the Assessment.

  2. Preview with a link- the Assessment will open in a new tab.

  3. Preview with a QR code- download the code and scan it on your phone to open the Assessment.

Sharing Assessments

The Share tab provides the same three convenient options for easy deployment of your Assessment to your participants as the Preview tab: share by text code, URL link, and QR code.

Share With Text Code

  • Share with text code allows you to share out an Assessment name and 5 digit code that your audience can use to take the Assessment directly from their mobile device.

  • A Text code can only be associated with one Assessment at a time. As a result you will want to either have a strategy for tracking the codes you are using, or you can remove or change the code for an expired Assessment so you can use it again.

  • Currently the text code functionality is only available in the United States.

Share With A Link

  • Share with a link allows you to send a web link that can be used to take the assessment in any mobile or desktop based web browser.

Share With a QR Code

  • Share with a QR code creates a simple user experience for most participants with a smartphone or web enabled tablet with camera.

  • Most Android and iOS devices natively support QR codes which makes it a great option for onboarding people to the assessment. Just share the QR code and they can snap a picture with their phone or tablet camera app to open the link.

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