Assessments Glossary of Terms

A library of terminology related to Gloo's Assessment Application

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Assessment Admin

A user with access to the assessments admin application who is a member of one or more organizations.


A user who interacts with an assessment deployment who may or may not provide PII (personal identifiable information), or answer questions in the assessment.

Assessment Configuration

A unique instance of an assessment that is intended to be delivered to an audience for the purpose of obtaining first-party data. The cohort starts at zero and builds as participants interact with the deployment.

Personal Report

A report received by the participant at completion of the assessment, reflecting their unique results based on their responses to the questions.

Aggregate Report

A report available to the administrator of the deployment, reflecting the aggregated scores (simple and/or complex) of all who took that assessment through this specific deployment.

Assessment Scores

Assessment reports, whether personal or aggregate, are built from scores that are calculated from individual question responses.

Next Steps

For each deployment, a URL can be provided that will direct participants who complete the assessment to a next step.

Custom Redirect

URL link to an externally coded “result calculator” to calculate and deliver the personal report.This is an external application to display custom results. The application must be registered with Gloo's API. Users skip the finish page at the end of the assessment and are taken to the URL if it is configured.


A scientifically-backed, normed, validated set of questions—typically associated with a report—delivered to the person who took the assessment, the person who assigned the assessment, and/or in aggregate, the organization that offered the assessment.

State Analytic

An assessment analytic that shows the current state of a user or an organization on a spectrum that has a propensity to change over time.

Trait Analytic

An assessment analytic that exposes one or more psychometric descriptions of a user that rarely change over time.

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