REVEAL Assessment Strategy

We've developed a set of useful guidelines to help you implement each assessment in your unique church setting.

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REVEAL Assessment Strategy

We've developed a set of useful guidelines to help you implement each assessment in your unique church setting. These guidelines, which include promotional ideas, key messages, and a suggested timetable, are intended to help you field the assessment so that you generate the highest response rate.

Promotional Materials

Remember that one of the most important keys to success is the senior pastor & executive leadership team —the more those people show up as advocates for taking the assessment, the more successful you will be!

Plan to promote each assessment heavily while it's active and ideally before the assessment launch, using:

  • Weekend platform announcements

  • Reminders in weekend bulletins and on side screens

  • Promotion through weekly e-news and other regular electronic (and print) communications

  • Social Media promotions

  • Use logo’s in multi-media presentations, on your website, on your social media accounts, etc

Lobby Strategy

Some churches made computers available in their lobbies during the assessment to encourage participation, including providing assistance for people who aren't comfortable with the Internet.


Divide and Conquer

The highest response rate to date came from a church that put together a "Call Team." They split the church up and called everyone encouraging them to complete the assessment. This yielded a 71% response rate.

Know Your Church

Churches react to technology in different ways; congregants take assessments on computers, smartphones & tablets. Direct your congregation to the device you feel will yield the highest response rate.

Suggested Key Messages

  • We're launching a unique assessment asking for input on your spiritual life and our church’s role in it.

  • Our goal is to better understand what the church can do to support your spiritual growth.

  • We'd like to hear from everyone who calls our Church their church home. The more input we have, the better our efforts to support your spiritual growth will be. So please…take the assessment! And pass along the assessment or SMS code to your church friends who aren’t here today.

  • The assessment is comprehensive and meant to provoke your thought. We're asking you to set aside 12-26 minutes to take it. Think of this time as an investment in your spiritual life as well as the future of your church. We (the church) won't know individual responses, so please be honest.

Suggested Assessment Timeline

  • One Month Out:

    • Prepare and update your email list.

    • Cast vision for the assessment to leadership, staff, ministry and lay leaders, so they are fully on board.

    • Develop promotional plan.

  • Two Weeks Out:

    • Cast vision for the assessment to your congregation at weekend services.

    • Promote the assessment at large gatherings as well as weekend services.

    • Share the preview assessment link or SMS code with your leadership team.

  • Weekend Launch:

    • Launch assessment via email before weekend services.

    • Promote the assessment at weekend services.

    • Set up computers (with assistance available) at the church (optional).

  • During the Two Weeks After the assessment launch:

    • Send reminder email 3-5 days after the launch.

    • Continue strong promotional presence (verbal, written communications, handouts, website).

    • Communicate progress to congregation.

    • Send another reminder email five days before assessment close.

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