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Easily view key actions and engage with Gloo partners right when you sign in.

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We’ve compiled some key actions and learnings that can all be viewed easily from your Home screen upon sign in.

Key Actions

  • Explore the He Gets Us hub and other partner resources included in your account

  • View new Explorers and assign them out to team members.

  • Complete Challenges to learn new ways to use your account.

Featured Kits and Templates

If you’re searching for new strategies and ways to connect with your church, you should check out our Kits and Templates. These tried and tested strategies have been packaged for you with easy to follow instructions for setup and use. All of these and more can also be found in your Discover tab.

Our Partners

In this section you’ll find information on Gloo’s partners that are here to support and equip you. Clicking See All Outreach Partners will show you all of the current ad campaigns running that are actively connecting explorers with your Gloo account. And clicking See All Equipping Partners will give you access to valuable resources to train and equip you to use all of the features Gloo offers.

Engagement Metrics

Want to learn more about how your Gloo account is performing and how to be even more effective? The Engagement metrics section will show you important statistics related to your account’s messaging features for church engagement. You can see things like how many new attendees have recently signed up, how many Prayer Requests have come in, and how quickly your team is responding to messages. Each of the four sections on the metrics link to a specific part of the Reports feature that will show much more in depth data

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