Any Gloo user can create an account to use our powerful Assessments tool! You can create an account using the same credentials you used to create your Gloo account, or a separate email and password.

Creating an Assessments account

  1. From the home page of you Gloo account, click the arrow in the first card on the screen until you get to the Assessments application. You can also directly access the tool by going to

  2. Click About Assessments.

  3. Click to sign in with Google, or click "sign up for an account."

  4. Fill in your first name, last name, email, and password. You can use the same credentials you use to sign into the Gloo app, or create new ones. Then click Create Your Account.

  5. All finished! After creating the account you will land in your Assessments library. From here you can create and configure a new assessment or manage your account settings.

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