If you're looking to get your church aware of and involved in the He Gets Us campaign, then Gloo is the place to be! In our Discover tab we've compiled a list of resources to help educate, motivate and engage your church.

Pro tip: Have you checked out our HGU Start Here Guide yet? This handy guide covers everything in this article in much more detail and helps you to get started exploring all the He Gets Us resources we have available!

How to activate your first He Gets Us Kit

  1. There are two easy ways to access the He Gets Us hub. You can click the card on your homepage:

    Or you can access it through your Discover menu:

  2. The Sharing Pathway, Teaching Pathway, and Prayer and Reading Pathway are 3 recommended ways to begin interacting with the campaign. Click on any of the Pathway links to open a short document with instructions on how to use the Pathway.

  3. If you scroll down in the Hub to the Resources to Teach, Pray & Share section, the full "Start Here Guide" contains a lot of useful information about the Gloo app, the Kits and resources available, and how to best use them. All 3 pathways above are also spelled out in this guide.


  4. Click Download in order to download and view the guide.

  5. The other cards will take you to other Kits that are all part of the He Get Us Hub, your best starting point for interacting with the campaign. Follow the same steps above to read more about these Kits and activate them. As a reminder, you can also check out the HGU Start Here Guide for more details.

  6. Click Favorite in any Kit to save it to the Favorites section of your Discover tab so you can easily come back to it later.

  7. Have fun exploring!

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