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View and interpret your Assessment results
View and interpret your Assessment results
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The Results tab at the top of the page allows you to monitor participation and engagement with your Assessments, as well as view the aggregated results. It is organized in three sections: Activity Overview, Assessment Report, and Assessment Questions.

Activity Overview

The Activity overview allows you to monitor how many individuals have started, completed, and clicked through to Next Steps (if configured).

  • Starts: how many participants clicked the Start Assessment button.

  • Completions: how many participants have clicked the Continue button after answering all of the questions.

  • Next Steps Clicks: if you provide your participants an option for next steps, this bar will track the number who click the provided link.

Assessment Report

The Assessment report provides an instant, detailed visualization of the participation rates and the aggregated Assessment results, including a question by question breakdown of the number/percentage of responses. You can find explanations of many of the data points in our Assessments Glossary.

If you would like to extract the results into your own spreadsheet, just click Download CSV. The participants' results will be listed by name or anonymized based on the contact information option selected in your Assessment's setup.

Assessment Questions

This section of the report lets you see the question by question breakdown of all Assessment questions and any questions you added.

Completion Requirements

You will not see any results until more than 5 individuals have completed the Assessment. The more completions, the better the data!

Saving and Printing Your Results

In addition to viewing the graphics from the Results tab, you can also easily save your results as a CSV file or print them out.

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