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Getting Started Guide: Discover
Getting Started Guide: Discover

Quickly set up everything you need to succeed in the Discover tab

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Welcome to your Discover tab! This part of your account is focused on connecting you with resources that will help to supercharge your ministry. Here you can be connected with hundreds of resources, guides, and downloadable content from Gloo and our partners. Here is a quick snapshot of the things you can find here:

  • Downloadable resources, videos and links to help you learn about and get involved with the He Gets Us campaign

  • Access to courses and scholarships through the American Association of Christian Counselors to equip your church to begin a mental health ministry, or to interact well with Explorers

  • Templates that can be set up under your Engage menu with first time visitor follow up texting Series, devotional content and more

  • Free scholarship offers from a variety of partner ministries

And the best part is, everything in the Discover tab is included in a free account!

There is very little direct account setup required to interact with these resources. If you haven't already, make sure to check out our Full Account Setup Guide for a few necessary setup steps every account must take. Once you've completed those, there are just a few steps that are highly recommended to get started with the Discover tab:

  1. If you want to get involved with the He Gets Us campaign, head over to the He Gets Us Hub. The Hub contains a variety of resources that you can use to educate your church on the campaign and get plugged into content like sermon resources, reading plans, and discussion guides.

  2. You will also likely want to familiarize yourself with the Getting Started Guide: Engage article as well. Many of the resources in the He Gets Us Hub take advantage of Gloo’s texting features in order to interact with church members, so it will be helpful to know what those features are and how to use them.

  3. For a deeper dive into everything that the Discover tab offers, be sure to check out the full Discover Tab Guide!

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