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The He Gets Us Campaign is the biggest national effort to change hearts and minds about Jesus. With a YouTube channel with hundreds of millions of views, ads run on primetime television and sporting events, and creative strategies like taking over Times Square in New York, the campaign is elevating the national conversation around Jesus and His relevance in our culture.

He Gets Us leverages Gloo as a one-stop-shop to help churches get connected to the campaign and access resources that drive more engagement with their communities. The key place to do that in your Gloo account is through the He Gets Us Hub.

To find the Hub, simply navigate to your Discover menu. You can find the Hub under the Featured section, or type "He Gets Us Hub" into the search bar.

Once you've navigated to the Hub, you can Favorite it so that you can find it more easily later.

There are tons of resources packed into the Hub- everything from video downloads to prayer guides to sermon resources to webinars and training content. We'll cover the basics in this article, but there will always be more to explore!

Easy ways to get started

When you scroll down, the first thing you'll see are four categories to help you get started- prayer prompts, sermon resources, reading plans, and discussion guides. These are 4 easy ways to engage your church with the campaign. Let's briefly walk through each one.

Prayer Prompts

Many of the He Gets Us ad topics are touching on deep issues- depression, anxiety, loss, abandonment.... The resources in the Prayer Prompts Kit will help you and your congregation prepare your hearts for outreach around He Gets Us. This kit contains two basic types of resources- a downloadable guide and several templated texting Series.

  1. If you click on the Prayer Guide download, you'll be able to download a pdf file with prayer prompts related to the campaign topics. This pdf can be used and distributed to your congregation any way you like.

  2. If you click into the Prayer Guide Text Series, you'll be able to set up and customize a texting Series that can be sent on a daily basis to anyone from your congregation who subscribes. The content is very similar to the pdf- it's simply split up into bite-sized chunks that people can receive in daily text form.

    If you haven't used Gloo's texting tools before, you'll want to check out our articles on adding people to your account and setting up Series in order to learn more about how to use this convenient feature. The template is designed to be easy to use, and most of the work of creating a Series has already been done for you. Just make any edits or customizations you want, have people subscribe, and sit back and relax while the system sends them daily prayer prompts!

  3. These are the two key resources for getting started in this kit. You'll notice there are a handful of other texting Series in the kit as well. The Prayer Guide Text Series is a general Series that focuses on the campaign as a whole, while these other Series focus on specific topics. Feel free to use these as well once your church has a general understanding of the campaign.

Sermon Resources

If you want to deepen your church's understanding of the campaign, preaching a sermon series may be a great way to help people grow and learn. In order to save you time and energy, The Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College has generously put together and made available a collection of sermon resources based on each ad topic.

When you click into any card in this kit, you'll be able to download a zip folder containing everything you need to preach a sermon on that topic. Each folder contains sermon notes and slides, as well as a direct download of the video ad the sermon is referencing.

Many of these topics also have follow up texting Series, like the ones we discussed in the Prayer Prompts section. These texting Series are a great way to keep people engaged all week and not just on Sunday morning.

Reading Plans

Gloo and He Gets Us have partnered with YouVersion to create Bible reading plans that invite people to reflect on the person of Jesus and are related to the topics of the He Gets Us ads. You can use these plans with your congregation, small group, or leadership team to dig deeper into He Gets Us. There are several reading plans to choose from. All of the campaigns have a clickable link that will take you to an outside page where you can set up the plan in your YouVersion app.

Several of the reading plans also exist in the form of a templated texting Series in your Gloo app. Just like with the texting Series under Prayer Prompts and Sermon Resources, these can be set up using the Gloo app to send daily texts straight to people's phones. For more instructions on how to do that, check out our articles on adding people to your account and setting up Series!

Discussion Guides

The He Gets Us Discussion Guides equip your leaders to host topically-based discussions related to the He Gets Us ads. The downloadable guides link to campaign ads, discussion questions, and reflections. Just download the pdfs and send them out!

Other Resources

He Gets Us Themes

As the library of He Gets Us ads and resources has grown, we've categorized things under several different themes. In this section of the Hub you can explore those themes and choose the resources that best fit you.

Engaging Culture Series

The big “c” Church has a unique role as a bridge between Jesus and mainstream culture. In the Engaging Culture Series, you’ll get commentary, insights, and practical tips to do just that.

When you click into this kit, you can watch the videos and download notes to go along with each one. New content is continually being released, so stay tuned for more!


He Gets Us continues to make a splash in the media. Under the trending section, you can visit different articles and media sources to see what people are saying.

Watch the Ads

You can watch any He Gets us ad on their YouTube channel. But to make things even easier, we've provided a way for you to download every video as well so they're at your fingertips even when you're offline.

Connected Ministry Hub

As a ministry leader, you’re likely experiencing the effects of disconnection, despite living in an ultra-connected world. You’re trying to create more connection inside—and outside—the four walls of your ministry, but your people are still feeling anxious, burnt out, and discouraged.

At Gloo, our goal is to connect you to the ideas, tools, and resources to help your ministry thrive.

Click into the Connected Ministry Hub to learn how others are leveraging He Gets Us and other Gloo tools to supercharge their ministries!

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