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Managing Reach Settings in the mobile app
Managing Reach Settings in the mobile app

Manage your Reach Settings in the mobile app to pause and review related campaign resources.

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Reach Settings can be found by tapping Account and then Reach under Settings. The page will show your current Explorer status - Active, Paused, or Scheduled Pause.

Under your Reach Settings you can:

  • Update your Explorer status to Active or Paused

  • Schedule future pauses

  • Specify what types of Explorers you'd like to receive, how close you would like those Explorers to be to you, and a maximum weekly amount to receive

  • Add information about your church to have on hand to easily send to Explorers who are interested in learning more

  • Manage your subscriptions

Activating and Pausing Explorer Connections

When your Receiving Status is set to active, your account will automatically receive Explorers from the system at any time. If you need a break, you are able to pause your account at any time so that no new Explorers will be matched with your organization until you've reactivated.

Note: When you first open your account, your Explorer Status will be set to Paused for the first 3 days to give you time to get oriented to the account. The status will automatically switch to Active after 3 days, or you can manually activate at any time.

  1. To change your Receiving Status, under your Reach Settings just tap Status.

  2. To pause/activate your account, simply tap the Pause Now / Unpause button and confirm your selection.

Scheduling Future Pauses

If you know of a timeframe where you'll need to be on pause, you can easily schedule those ahead of time.

  1. Under your Reach Settings, tap Status.

  2. Tap Schedule Pause.

  3. Choose the dates of your pause and a reason. Give any feedback into the process, and tap Confirm.

  4. Your upcoming Scheduled Pauses will be listed at the bottom of your Status page.

    Note 1: Scheduling a pause beginning on the current date means the pause will begin immediately. Your account will automatically reactivate at 9am local time on the end date you set.

    Note 2: You can schedule multiple pauses, as long as the dates of the pauses don't overlap!

Choosing Type, Distance, and Quantity of Explorers

Under your Reach Settings on the Preferences page, you can customize the location, quantity, and type of your Explorers.

  1. Adjusting Proximity to Explorers will change the maximum radius you are able to receive Explorers from. Remember though, the smaller the radius, the fewer Explorers you can expect to receive.

  2. You can toggle Accept Nationwide on or off to receive Explorers from all over the country, or just from the radius you've specified.

  3. You can set a Maximum Explorers Per Week to limit how many you receive.

  4. You can specific a Language Preference for how you'd like to interact with Explorers.

  5. Under Topic Routing, you can select specific topics of conversation that you and your team are comfortable having with Explorers.

Adding Church Information

Under your Reach Settings on the Preferences page, you can add some basic information about your church, denomination, beliefs, and other information. This can be helpful to have on hand to send out to Explorers who are interested in your church, rather than typing it out each time.

Managing Your Subscriptions

Under your Reach Settings on the Status page, you can tap the Manage Subscription button to link out to the web version of Gloo to adjust your subscription and billing settings.

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