“My People” vs “Team Members”

Difference between "My People" and "Team Members"

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  • In the "My People" section, individuals who are part of the Church community and have been added to the Gloo account are included. This can include congregants, volunteers, and newcomers.

  • People in the "My People" section receive texts from your Gloo phone number and can respond accordingly. They can also receive broadcast messages, texts, and prayer requests, use keywords, and be included in groups.

  • Team members, on the other hand, are leaders and administrators of the Gloo account who have access to additional features and tools for managing and overseeing the account.

  • Team members have responsibilities such as adding new team members, creating events, and responding to messages and prayer requests.

  • While team members must be specifically invited via email, people in the "My People" section can add themselves by texting in or be added by a team member through various methods like CSV upload or manual addition.

  • If a team member is to receive texts from the Gloo number, they also need to be added to the "My People" section.

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