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Easily capture the stories of how God is moving in your church.

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How does someone send in a story?

1. Text your Gloo phone number: "I have a story."

2. The auto response "Click this link to submit your story! [CUSTOM LINK]" gets sent back via text.

3. A person clicks the link to upload a story in either a video or text format.

Optional: A person can add a tag to their story submission.

4. The story will show up on your admin account in the Stories Inbox under your Engage tab.

Story Tags

What are tags for?

Tags are used to organize your stories for easy finding later. They are great for any campaigns you might be running at your church that you would want people to send in Stories about. For example, users might be sharing their stories related to a baptism campaign your church is running; simply tag them as "Baptism" to find them all in one place.

How do I create a tag?

1. Navigate to the Stories tab under the Engage menu. Click Tags.

Or, access Tags from the Settings page under your Engage menu.

2. Click Create a Tag.

3. Name your tag and set a description (optional). Click Create.

Editing Tags

Edit any of your current tags by clicking the 3 dot menu next to any of them.

Export your text stories

1. Click Export.

2. Choose the time frame you want to show up in your export. Click Include Tags if you want Tags to show up in your export. Then click Download Now.

How to download a video Story

  1. Click on the story you want to download

  2. If you are using Chrome, click the 3 vertical dots in the bottom right hand corner of the video and select "Download."

  3. If you are using Firefox, right click and select "Save Video As..."

  4. If you are using Safari, right click and select "Download Video."

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