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Gather and respond to prayer requests from your people easily and seamlessly.

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Gloo uses natural language processing to automatically respond to prayer requests submitted.

Gloo also makes it easy to view and respond to requests by filtering prayer requests into a separate tab of your account - the Prayer Inbox.

How to send in a prayer request:

  • Text your Gloo phone number: "I have a prayer request" or "I need prayer" or "Can someone pray for me." Note that the word pray/prayer is needed somewhere to trigger the feature.

  • Gloo will send a reply: "What would you like prayer for?"

  • Send your prayer request in your reply.

  • Gloo will record it and send it to your admin account.

Important: You do not need to set up a custom keyword for prayer, and if you do, it will interfere with Gloo’s natural language processing and prevent prayer requests from being properly recorded in the Prayer Inbox!

Please note that if an Explorer texts in a prayer request, the system will recognize and record it in the Prayer Inbox like normal. However, it will not interrupt the conversation by sending the "Prayer Request Received" automation.

Want to be notified every time a new prayer request is received? Check out how.

How to mark a prayer request as prayed for:

1. If a prayer request has not been prayed for, the checkmark box will be light blue. To mark a request as prayed for, click the light blue checkmark.

2. Click Send Message to send your default Prayed For response. You can preview this response before sending, and you can change this response in Customizations.

3. You can also choose to send an entirely custom encouraging message. This will replace the default message. Preview your message, then click Send Message.

If you don't want to send any message, click Skip Sending Message instead.

Important: We don't recommend skipping the response unless you've responded to the request in another way, like through a Broadcast or All Messages Inbox. It's important to give feedback to any request submitted.

Assign a prayer request to a team member

1. Click on the Assign to team members icon.

2. Pick any of your team members (or multiple) from the drop down to assign them the request. Select the member and click Assign.

Easily export prayer requests

1. Click Export.

2. Select the time frame you want to export prayer requests from, and select if you want to include requests that have been marked as prayed and/or include the response that was sent.

4. Click Download Now.

Note: If someone texts in a prayer request to your phone number as their FIRST text in, Gloo will respond with your prayer request submitted response and automatically amend the response sent back with your onboarding path 1 response.

You'll never have to worry about someone falling through the cracks no matter what they text in the first time!

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