What is an Explorer?

Learn about Explorers and how they get connected to you.

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People in your city are looking for answers —now more than ever. But instead of turning to the Church for help, people are searching online. These Explorers, as we call them, are looking for someone to help them process life’s big questions through meaningful conversation. We have all been there, and we are all Explorers to some extent.

Our ad partners do all the work of gathering Explorers and Gloo sends them into your Explorer Inbox, so all you have to do is to use our easy texting features to reach out and start a conversation!

Learn more about who these Explorers are and how they are connected with churches here.

Ad campaigns are running all over the country, connecting Explorers to the churches and ministries closest to them. If you’re interested in receiving Explorers in your community, click into your Reach tab to read more about the program. If you'd like to sign up, just click Start Now to select a plan.

At this time, you must upgrade to a Premium account in order to receive Explorers- the Explorer Inbox is not included in a Free account.

Once you have activated the appropriate plan for your church/organization size, check out the Explorer Quick Start Guide for your next steps!

Note: If price is a barrier for your church, read about our scholarships or email our success team at successteam@gloo.us.

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