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What are Gloo's Different Statuses?
What are Gloo's Different Statuses?
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When it comes to managing your inbox and contact list, it's important to have a system in place to keep everything organized. One helpful tool for this is the use of statuses. In this article, we'll explain what statuses are and how you can use them to stay on top of your conversations and contacts.

Statuses are labels that you can apply to both conversations and people in your inbox and contact list. They serve as a way to categorize and organize your messages and contacts based on their current state or progress.

Contact Statuses

Contact statuses serve to help organize your list of people. Anyone added to My People will be Active by default, and you can change their status to Inactive, Blocked, Archived, or they can be deleted.

Active People

Active means a person is currently subscribed to your text messaging. You will be able to see "Active" next to these people. If someone is Active, they can text your phone number and you can text them.

Inactive People

People become inactive when a Gloo account Team Member updates a profile with that status. You will be able to see "Inactive" next to these people. Mark someone as Inactive if they have moved away or they have verbally told you they would not like to be texted anymore. If someone is Inactive, you will not text them even when "Sending to Everyone" in a broadcast, but their information will remain in your account in case you need it later.

Note: A contact marked as Inactive is able to text your Gloo phone number at any point to become Active again. A Gloo account Team Member can also update a person's status to Active again if they choose.

Unsubscribed People

People become Unsubscribed when they text "STOP" or "CANCEL" to your Gloo phone number. You will be able to see "Unsubscribed" next to these people. If someone is Unsubscribed, you will not be able to text them or update their profile.

Important: The only way they can become Active again is by texting "start" or "opt in" to your Gloo phone number.

Blocked People

People become blocked when a Gloo account Team Member updates a profile with that status. You will be able to see "Blocked" next to these people. Only mark someone as Blocked if they are spamming or harassing your phone number. This is not common, but available if needed.

If someone is Blocked, they will not be able to text your phone number. Any messages they try to send will not show up in your Gloo account. A Blocked person can only become unblocked if a Gloo account Team Member updates a person's status to Active again.

Archived People

The fifth and final status a person can have is "Archived." Someone marked as "Archived" does not show up in the default view of the People page, but you can find them by filtering by the Archived status. They will not receive messages sent from your Gloo phone number, even if you Broadcast to everyone. Learn more about deleting people here.

Note: Explorers cannot be archived. This status can only apply to Connections/people who have texted directly into your system.

To Change a Person's Status:

1. On the My People page, click the eye icon next to their name to go their full profile.

2. Click Edit Profile.

3. Use the status dropdown and change the status to Inactive, Blocked, or Archived. Then click Save Profile.

Conversation Statuses for Connections and Explorers 🧭

Needs Response

When any conversation needs a reply from a Team Member. This can be an Explorer who has sent in a message and is waiting on a response, or when a Connection has texted something into your Gloo account that no automatic feature like a Keyword or Quick Response is set up to answer.

Needs Prayer

When a new prayer request is submitted by a Connection & requires a reply from a Team Member. Note that in order to prevent Gloo's automated features from interrupting sensitive conversations, Explorers will not trigger the Prayer feature.


The Explorer or Connection has been helped and the conversation does not require any action from a Gloo Team Member at this time.


The Explorer or Connection has been disconnected from the Church. This can happen when a conversation with an Explorer finishes or they stop responding, or when a Connection unsubscribes from your communications by texting in STOP.

Explorer Statuses (only for Explorers) 🧭


This status is when a new Explorer has been matched to your organization & are awaiting a first response - you'll see a 16 hour countdown window to send a first response.

Note: If you’re responding to an explorer outside of Gloo, please be sure to set their status from “Needs Response” to “Served”, to ensure they aren’t rematched.


The 16 hour timer expired and the Explorer was matched to another organization. You will no longer be able to reach out and communicate with this Explorer, and they’re removed from your inbox.


When you see an Explorer in your inbox labeled as Reassigned, that means they have been rematched to your organization from a previous organization. Sometimes, Explorers get Reassigned to another organization if the Explorer is matched with an organization that does not meet their needs or they have not been responded to within the 16 hour window of initial matching.

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