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How do I delete a contact?
Updated over a week ago

If you have contacts in your account that you no longer want or need, there are two ways to remove them:

  • Changing their status to Archived will remove the contact from your view and all groups, and prevent any messages from being sent to them. Contacts that are archived can be easily recovered later if you change your mind.

  • You can also fully delete contacts from your account. Keep in mind that if you change your mind, these will be more difficult to recover. This feature is most useful in cases where you would like to bulk delete people, for example if you accidentally integrated a large list of contacts that shouldn't actually be in your account.

How to Archive a contact

  1. Navigate to the My People tab under your My People menu and select the person you want to archive.

  2. Select the person you'd like to archive.

  3. Click Archived Selected at the top, right corner and yes to confirm that you'd like that contact archived.

The person will be archived and no longer show up in the default view of the People page. However, if you wish to see all Archived people, you can filter by the Status “Archived.”

Note: If you archive a person, the phone number associated with that person is still able to text into your account’s phone number, and if they do, the profile will be re-marked as “Active.” If you want to prevent the person from being able to text your phone number, try marking them as “Blocked” instead. Learn more about people’s statuses.

How to fully Delete (or bulk delete) contacts

  1. Navigate to My People -> My People.

  2. Click the checkboxes next to the person or people you'd like to delete. Click Delete Selected.

  3. Confirm by clicking Yes.

These users are now fully deleted from your account, along with their message history. They will not show up anywhere in your account and will not receive messages sent to any groups they were previously in. The only way to add them back into your account is to manually re-upload them.

Restore a deleted contact ☎️

Note: If you see an error when restoring a deleted contact, check to see if the phone number is assigned to an Active contact under People.

If you try to add back a contact that was previously deleted, the system will recognize that and prompt you to restore the original contact. The system checks based on the phone number, so even if you enter a different name, the contact will still be recognized as a duplicate. Restore the original contact to prevent any confusion in the system, and you can always edit that person's name in their profile later if something has changed.

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