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View and edit profiles on all of your people.

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A Gloo profile in the People page is created for every person. Gloo profiles can be created via Church Management System integration, manual creation, and/or any time someone texts in for the first time. Gloo automatically asks for someone's name and (optionally) their email.

Note: If you are using your Gloo account to receive and respond to Explorers, the Explorer will be automatically added to People when we match them with your account. At this time, Explorers who only provided an email address cannot be added to the People page- a phone number is required.

How do I add a new person?

1. Under your Engage menu, navigate to My People -> People. Click Add New Person.

2. Fill out the fields. Note that the Email and Groups fields are optional. Make sure to check the box showing you have permission to text this number. Then click Create and add another if you are putting in multiple people, or click Create Person to complete a single new entry.

What information do people's profiles show?

When you click on a person you will see a name, mobile phone number, email, address, groups and what date/time their profile was created. The mobile phone number is assigned when a person first texts into the system, and the name can either be collected by the system or manually entered by an admin. If you chose to do a Church Management Software integration, the other items can be pulled from there.

Lastly, you'll see each person's current status- Active, Inactive, Unsubscribed, Blocked, or Archived.

How do I edit a person's profile?

1. Click Edit Profile.

2. Edit any of the information and click Save Profile.

Note: You can also update profiles for a large group of people using a CSV upload. Simply add the phone numbers of the people you’d like to edit, along with any relevant details that are changing. Gloo will update all of those contacts once the CSV is uploaded.

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