If you don’t have a church management system, or you don't want to integrate with your church management system, a CSV upload is a great way to quickly populate your Gloo account with people.

You can import a CSV file by going to your Engage menu and navigating to Settings -> Integrations.

Scroll to the very bottom and click Import CSV.

How do I import people using a CSV file?

1. Download the template to input the information in the appropriate format for an upload.

2. Enter each person's information into the CSV template in this format.

3. Upload the document and then click Continue.

4. Match the group names in your CSV document to the correlating groups in your Gloo account. If those groups don't exist yet in your Gloo account, you can create them here. Then click Continue.

5. Ensure there are no errors. Then click Continue.

6. Verify that the information is correct. Then click Continue.

7. Verify you have permission to text the phone numbers you are importing and click Yes, Import People to finalize your import.

Once confirmed, the numbers will populate under the People tab.

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