Church Community Builder Integration

Set up a CCB integration to quickly populate your Gloo account with people.

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Integrations are the simplest way to quickly populate your Gloo account with people. Rather than adding people one by one or waiting on your congregants to text into your Gloo phone number, you can easily upload your entire contact list into your Gloo account with just a few clicks.

How to set up a Church Community Builder Integration

The first part in a CCB integration is to create an API user in your CCB account to enable the integration with Gloo. Steps 1-9 show how to do this.

  1. Log into your administrator account on CCB.

  2. Go to System Settings.

  3. Choose API.

  4. Click the Users tab - If you already have an API user profile setup using all services you can click on the name and use this login info in Gloo OR you can set a new one.

  5. To set up a new API user, click Add New API User on the right.

  6. Enter your information to set up your API User. Do not hit save until the after the next step.

    Important: You will need this username and password in Gloo.

  7. Fill in their Primary Organization Contact Information

  8. Select Services at the top. Then select these 7 services:

    • create_individual

    • group_participants

    • group_profiles

    • individual_search

    • group_profile_from_id

    • individual_profiles

    • individual_profile_from_id

  9. Scroll to the bottom and click I'm Finished.

    The second part of setting up a CCB integration is done within your Gloo dashboard. Steps 10-17 show how to do this.

  10. Log into your Gloo account.

  11. Find the CCB integration by navigating to My People-> Integrations and clicking Configure.

  12. Click on the Community Builder Integration.

  13. Verify you have permission to text the numbers you will be importing. Then click I Agree.

  14. Enter the API user info you created in steps 4-6. Then enter your CCB Church ID. This is the first part of the CCB URL- DO NOT input the entire URL, but only the Church ID.

  15. Select if you want to sync all people from your CCB account OR if you only want certain groups to be integrated.

    Important: Make sure to check out the notes in our Integrations Overview article to view requirements for which contacts Gloo is able to pull over from your CCB account.

  16. Select if you want a 2 way integration. If this box is checked, when a new person texts your church's phone number, Gloo will create the user in CCB on your behalf. Gloo will first try to find an existing user in your CCB account and if none is found, we will create them. Explorers will also be added to your CCB account after you have sent them a message for the first time.

  17. Click Save Settings to commit any changes, and click Sync now to finalize the Integration.

Gloo will automatically sync your integration every night. Any Groups you bring over from CCB will automatically be created as Groups in Gloo. You can view the people in each group by going to My People -> Groups. Any adding/removing people from CCB lists needs to be done through CCB, not Gloo.

Viewing, Editing, and Disconnecting your Integration

Once you have signed in, you'll be able to view, edit, or disconnect your Integration by going back to My People -> Integrations -> Configure. If you've recently signed in, you can simply click the Integration, but if it's been longer than 24 hours, you'll need to re-authenticate your CCB Integration using the API user info you set up earlier.

If you want to change your integration settings (which groups are synced, 1 way vs 2 way integration, etc), simply view the Integration, make any adjustments you want, and click Save Settings and Sync Now.

If you want to disconnect your CCB integration, click Disconnect. This will not remove any People that you have integrated, but it will prevent any future syncing and remove any previously synced CCB groups from the Gloo Groups tab.

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