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Mailchimp Integration

Add new emails to your Mailchimp lists from people in Gloo

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Mailchimp is the only Integration in your Gloo account that is more focused on pushing information out of Gloo than bringing information into Gloo.

Gloo enables you to capture email addresses when a new person texts in. The Mailchimp integration enables you to add email addresses to a Mailchimp list by syncing Gloo groups to Mailchimp Group.

While generally each Gloo account can only have 1 active integration, Mailchimp can be synced to an account along with another integration, since it is more focused on pushing data out of Gloo.

Important: In order to use the integration, you will need at least one Gloo group and at least one Mailchimp list.

How to set up a Mailchimp Integration

  1. Find the Mailchimp integration by navigating to My People -> Integrations and clicking Configure.

  2. Click on the Mailchimp Integration.

  3. Verify you have permission to text the numbers you will be importing. Then click I Agree.

  4. Log into your Mailchimp account and click Allow to enable the integration.

  5. Click Add New in order to sync a Gloo Group into a particular Mailchimp Group.

  6. Select the Gloo Group and Mailchimp Group that you'd like to correlate. When you're finished click the Save icon. You can repeat this process as many times as you'd like.

  7. When you're finished, click Save Settings to commit any changes, and click Sync Now to finalize the Integration.

Viewing, Editing, and Disconnecting your Integration

Once you have signed in, you'll be able to view, edit, or disconnect your Integration by going back to Engage -> Settings -> Integrations -> Configure. If you've recently signed in, you can simply click the Integration, but if it's been longer than 24 hours, you'll need to re-authenticate your Mailchimp Integration using your Mailchimp username and password.

If you want to change your integration settings, simply view the Integration, make any adjustments you want, and click Save Settings and Sync Now.

If you want to disconnect your Mailchimp integration, click Disconnect.

Best Practices to get new people added to a Mailchimp list

If you are using Gloo to capture new people, here are a few steps to follow to get those people into Mailchimp.

  1. Ensure you have a Group created for these new people.

  2. Set up a Keyword or Series that you will encourage your guests to text in to. Then click Add Effect for that keyword or series.

  3. Use the "Add person to a group" Effect on the keyword or series so whenever someone texts that in, they will be automatically added to the correlating group.

  4. Ensure you have turned on email capture in your Onboarding settings.

  5. Select this group to integrate with your corresponding Mailchimp list.

If you follow these steps, new people will be asked their name and email address upon texting in. They will be added into your Gloo group when texting in, and their email address will be populated in Mailchimp.

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