When trying to edit someone’s profile, you’ll notice that their phone number is the only piece of information that can’t be edited. This is because someone’s phone number is the “source of truth” for their profile in Gloo. Put another way, a person’s phone number is their unique user identifier. It cannot be changed since all of their other information is stored and associated with that number. So what should you do if someone’s phone number changes?

  1. From your Engage tab, click on My People and People. Navigate to the profile of the person whose number you want to change.

  2. Note their info and any groups they might be in, and click Edit.

  3. Use the drop down menu to set their status to Archived. This will prevent their old phone number from receiving any more texts from you, as well as remove them from your default view in the People tab.

  4. Click Save.

  5. Return to your People tab and click Add new person.

  6. Re-enter the person’s new phone number and all of their details, including any groups they are part of. When finished, click “Create Person.”

Note: Since this is a new profile, it is treated as separate from the old one. If you need to view any previous message history, you can still find the archived profile by filtering by the Archived status in your People tab- otherwise Archived people do not show up. Also remember that if this person was active in any Series when their phone number changed, they will need to text in the keyword again to re-join the series using their new phone number.

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