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What is a Gloo+ membership?
What is a Gloo+ membership?

Learn about all the benefits of a Gloo+ membership

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Are you a church leader who wants to simplify communication, help your church grow, and boost church engagement with easy-to-use texting tools and resources? Then Gloo+ is perfect for you!

Gloo+ is a membership that combines all the power of Gloo Messaging with other powerful benefits like exclusive discounts on church resources in the Gloo Marketplace, premium tools and tech, and member-only benefits to help your church grow.

What are the benefits?

Gloo Free


Unlimited Messaging


Unlimited Groups

New Mover Program**

Sermon Kits


Exclusive Marketplace Discounts***

* Up to 10,000 outbound messages monthly

** Up to 50 mailings/month included

*** Save up to 20% off products and subscriptions

Messaging, Team Members, and Groups

Did you know that text messages have a 98% open rate?

Text can be an extremely powerful way to connect with your congregation and help people to grow. Using our completely unlimited and free texting tools, we can help you to share info, boost prayer requests, never miss a message and connect with your people on Sundays and every day in between.

Here are just a few of the features available:

  • Easily gather and respond to Prayer Requests

  • Send custom Broadcast text messages to your entire congregation or smaller groups with announcements and updates

  • Create unlimited custom Keywords to automatically send information, signup sheets, and information

  • Configure text Series that can be used to send devotionals and training content, keep up with first time visitors, and more

  • Add unlimited Team Members to help administrate your account

  • Gloo Free users will only be able to set up and interact with three Groups. But with a Gloo+ membership, you'll have access to unlimited Groups!

For a full list of the features available, check out our Feature Guides!

New Mover Program

Did you know that moving is the third most stressful event in life?

New movers are more likely to respond to an invitation to your church than other people in your community, so reaching out to them during this key time is a game-changer!

With the Outreach New Mover Program in your Gloo+ membership, you can automatically mail a personalized postcard invitation to new movers in your selected area each month. Up to 50 mailings per month are included. Click here to learn more!

Sermon Kits

Plan your church calendar effortlessly with instant access to 55+ digital sermon kits, complete with videos, graphics, slides, guides, and more. New content, including series kits for Christmas, Easter, and Back to Church Sunday is added regularly.

Explorer Connections

Did you know that Gloo has connected over 310,000 people to date with churches in their area?

More and more, people are reaching out online for help with life's biggest questions. With the Explorer Connections Program, Gloo can deliver these people right into your account so that you can begin conversations, create connections, and serve your community.

Are you looking for more ways to engage with people in your community who don’t necessarily go to church? People are searching online every day for answers and connection. Our ad partners do all the work of gathering these Explorers, as we call them, and Gloo sends them into your Explorer Inbox, so all you have to do is to use our easy texting features to reach out and start a conversation!

With a Gloo+ membership, you’ll have the option to activate the Explorer Connections program so that you can start engaging with people in your area today. You can expect about 5-8 new connections each month.

Marketplace Access and Exclusive Discounts

All Gloo accounts have access to our exciting Marketplace with content to supercharge your ministry from trusted stores and vendors like, Children's Ministry Deals, Shift Worship, and many more. But with your Gloo+ membership, you also unlock exclusive deals and discounts. Save up to 20% off select products and subscriptions, and get free shipping on orders over $79.

How much does Gloo+ cost?

We've worked hard to make Gloo+ affordable for every ministry. Unlock all of these powerful new features for just $49/month. Or, pay for a full year at once and save! You can pay $500 for a full year, which works out to getting 2 months completely free.

How do I join Gloo+?

  1. Joining Gloo+ is easy! Just visit

  2. Click Buy Gloo+.

  3. Toggle whether you'd like to purchase a monthly subscription or save 15% by purchasing an annual subscription, and click Add Subscription To Cart.

  4. If you already have an account and aren't signed in, you'll be prompted to sign in now. Or, if you don't have an account, follow the steps to create a new account.

  5. Once you've signed into your account, in your cart, click Proceed to Checkout and follow the payment instructions.

  6. Once you've paid for the subscription, it will automatically become active in your account! If you click on your Profile icon in the bottom left corner and navigate to Gloo+ Benefits, you'll be able to see, customize, and activate all of the benefits associated with your Gloo+ membership.

    Note this button is also available in the main left side navigation of your account. The icon in the top left will also change to show your Gloo+ status.

  7. You can either click Subscriptions in the left menu, or Manage Membership in the top right corner to manage/cancel your subscription.

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