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What is the New Movers Program?
What is the New Movers Program?

Unlock this program with your Gloo+ membership to automatically send personalized postcards every new mover in your selected area.

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Did you know that moving is the third most stressful event in life? New movers are more likely to respond to an invitation to your church than other people in your community, so reaching out to them during this key time is a game-changer!

With the New Mover Program in your Gloo+ membership, you can automatically mail a personalized postcard invitation to new movers in your selected area each month. Up to 50 mailings per month are included, and if you want to send more, you can easily upgrade to send as many as you'd like!

How to Activate the New Movers Program

Anyone with a Gloo+ membership is eligible to activate this program. If you need help upgrading to Gloo+, click here for instructions.

  1. In your Gloo account, click on your Profile icon in the bottom left corner and then navigate to Gloo+ Benefits. Then click Activate under your New Movers Program.

  2. You'll be taken to an external page to set everything up. The first screen will give a brief overview of the steps you'll walk through to get started.

  3. First, you need to set up the area you'd like the postcard delivered to. Begin selecting carrier routes near your church. As you select areas, on the right hand side you'll see a calculation of how many new movers are expected in that area per month. There will be an average monthly cost, as well as a maximum monthly cost. You'll have the option in the next step to limit the cost to a certain amount.

  4. As you select more carrier routes you'd like to have postcards delivered to, the estimated number of new movers and the price will increase. Each postcard sent through the program costs $0.79, and your Gloo+ membership allows for up to 50 free postcards sent each month. This works out to a total value of $39.50. If you want to reach more than 50 people, you are free to select as many areas as you'd like. If your total cost exceeds $39.50, your Gloo+ membership will get you a $39.50 discount from whatever the total cost is.

  5. Once you've set the area that way you'd like, click Next Step.

  6. Now you have the option to set a maximum number of cards you'd like sent out. If you are comfortable with some price variation and want to send postcards to all movers, select No, I want to send to every address of my list. But if you'd like to cap it, select Yes, limit the number of postcards I send and adjust the slider to the maximum amount you'd like to spend. Remember, the first $39.50 you spend will be free as part of your Gloo+ membership. When you're finished, click Next Step.

  7. Next, you can choose how many times you'd like each new mover to be mailed in their first month. By default, one postcard is sent. If you'd like to double down and have 2 postcards sent to new movers, select the Better option. But remember, this will double the cost. When you're finished, click Next Step.

  8. Next, you can choose to extend your first month's mailing for an additional cost. This will send postcards out to people who have recently moved into your selected area. If you're not interested, just select No. But if you'd like to send postcards out to recent movers for an additional cost your first month, select Yes and adjust the slider to choose how many month's back you want to extend your mailing. WHen you're finished, click Next Step.

  9. Next, scroll through the available designs and choose the one you like. Click Next Step.

  10. View a full review of your order and make sure the details are correct. In order to apply your Gloo+ discount, add the email address associated with your Gloo account and click Add to Cart.

  11. You'll be able to review the details of your order once more. You can see the estimated monthly cost, as well as how many times each month the new movers will receive a postcard. Once you've confirmed the details, click Checkout.

  12. You'll be able to customize the final details of your postcards after Checkout. You'll be billed on the 24th of each month, the same day your postcards print, so that each month you'll be accurately charged only for how many postcards are delivered. If 50 postcards or less are sent, your Gloo+ membership will cover the full cost. If more than 50 postcards are sent, you'll be billed for each card above 50 at a rate of $0.79 per postcard.


  • Can I limit how many postcards are mailed each month?

    Yes, you can set a limit. To be effective and see results, you cannot set a limit below 50 postcards a month.

  • Where do the lists come from? Are they accurate?

    Our lists are acquired from a specialist in new mover data. They pull information from property titles and deeds, utility company hookups, magazine change of address, and NCOA data. The names are compiled and filtered to ensure the list is as accurate as possible.

  • When are the church postcard invitations mailed?

    Regular New Mover invitation mailings are delivered to the post office the last week of each month. The Multi-Reach mailings are sent approximately two weeks later to the same households to increase response rates.

  • Can I change my church postcard design?

    Yes, the deadline to complete any changes are the 7th of each month. There is just a $29.95 change fee. A modification fee of $75 applies if changing to a design that is a Non-New Mover Postcard Design. Additionally, if you stay with the program for over a year, your design fee is waived.

  • How will I know who has received the postcard invitations?

    Every month you will receive an email report showing the number of cards and the information on each new family who receives the postcards so you can follow up. We will also include your mailing address when we send the postcards so that you will receive a postcard the same time as your new neighbors.

  • How much does it cost?

    If your church has a non-profit postage permit, each card is only 79¢ each including printing, addressing and delivery to the post office. There is a one-time set up fee of $79.95 which we waive on our end. If you do not have a non-profit permit, your costs will be just 10 cents higher per card.

  • How will I receive the reports of new movers for follow up?

    The reports are sent via email with an MS Excel spreadsheet attachment. You will receive the name and address for each person who received a postcard from your church that month.

  • When will I be billed each month?

    At this time, only Credit Card payments are accepted for the New Mover Subscriptions. Your card will be charged around the 24th of each month, the same day your postcards begin printing.

  • What if I'm not happy with the service?

    The deadline to cancel is always the 14th of the month. In the event that the 14th falls on a weekend, the previous Friday will be considered the deadline. If you reach out to us after this date to cancel, you will be billed for an additional month of New Mover.

  • How does it work and what is the general timeline?

    • The deadline to sign up or submit changes is the 7th of each month by 3pm Mountain Time

    • Your proof is sent to you the second week of the month and you have until the 14th to approve that proof

    • Your list is pulled and available on your Online Dashboard around the 15th of each month

    • Your card is charged and your postcards begin printing around the 24th of each month

    • The cards are sent to the post office and your list of names are sent approx. on the last business day of the month

    • The postcards begin arriving in homes within the following month (the timing varies depending on your local USPS)

    • (Optional) - Multireach subscriptions will begin printing and charge the cards around the 15th of the next month and will arrive in homes within the following month.

  • Do you have any Spanish postcards?

    Yes, any of our New Mover Postcards can be customized to have Spanish text. Choose the design you like and then provide us with the Spanish text you want to include and we will customize the card for you and send you a proof to review and approve. Please note that language preference is not a selection available for mailings- anyone moving into your selected area will receive a card in Spanish, even if Spanish is not their preferred language.

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