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Unlimited Groups and More with Gloo+
Unlimited Groups and More with Gloo+

How Gloo+ Can Grow Your Outreach and Engagement

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What’s New This Summer at Gloo

It’s no secret that texting is one of the most effective ways to reach more people, connect with members, and follow up with new guests effortlessly. Because we believe texting is powerful, we’ve given Gloo Messaging to churches like yours away at no cost.

Many of you have asked for advanced messaging features like automated workflows, messaging analytics, memos, and more, and we can’t wait to release these to free Gloo accounts this month to power your communications. Stay tuned!

Introducing Gloo+ for Church Leaders

A new membership for church leaders to simplify communications, boost engagement & grow your church.

  1. Unlimited Messaging & Groups: Create unlimited groups to engage, inspire, and measure progress without boundaries.

  2. Unlimited Multistep Workflows: Subscribe people into automated Workflows to send messages, add to groups, send notifications, and more.

  3. Subaccounts: Create up to 3 subaccounts for further organization of campuses or ministries under your single account.

  4. New Movers: Automatically mail a personalized postcard invitation to every new mover in your selected area each month with the New Mover Program from Outreach (up to 50 mailings included/mo).

  5. Explorers: Connect to people in your community from digital outreach campaigns who are curious and want someone to talk to about faith (5-8 new connections/mo).

  6. Sermon Kits: Access over 55 digital sermon kits that include videos, social graphics, sermon slides, planning guides, and more.

  7. Marketplace Discounts: Save up to 20% off trusted partner products and subscriptions, and free shipping on orders over $79.

  8. Tools for Sermons: Get 20% off a Church.Tech subscription. Trim sermon clips for social, create small group guides, generate church communications, get help with sermon prep, and more.

Learn more about the benefits of Gloo+ here.

What this means for your free account:

  • Gloo Messaging is still free to send and receive unlimited messages.

  • Starting June 25, your account will be limited to your current number of groups and will require Gloo+ to add more.

  • To leverage unlimited groups to segment your contacts, you can upgrade to Gloo+ and access more outreach tools and savings!

Learn how to enhance personalization with Groups here.

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