What is Gloo's connection to Barna?

Learn how Gloo and Barna partner together to create a powerful experience

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Gloo is partnered with Barna to bring their world class data and insights to pastors all around the country!

At Gloo we believe “knowing” is a big part of being equipped to better serve the people placed into your care. With Barna at the forefront of research and data in the faith industry, and Gloo’s technology powering the Barna Access experience, we make Barna’s powerful insights easily available for you to discover and explore. Using Gloo’s tools and capabilities (like Assessments and texting), you can take practical next steps based on your Barna learnings!

If you have a Premium Gloo account that includes an Explorer Connections scholarship (only for accounts created before April 10, 2024), then a single seat Barna Access Plus account is included for free! If you have a Free Gloo account with no scholarship, or an account created after April 10, 2024, then you have access to the free version of Barna, and can pay to upgrade to Barna Access Plus if you choose.

  • Use your Barna Access Plus account to keep up to date with data and research that is constantly being published on the Church in America.

  • Measure What Matters in your church using benchmark data and common frameworks assembled by Barna and Gloo.

  • Use your Gloo Assessments account to send out templated or custom Assessments to measure anything in your church from church health to people's views on Jesus to what sermon series you should preach next.

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