What features are included in a Gloo account?

Learn the differences between a free account and a premium account, and which features are included in each.

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Welcome to Gloo! Gloo is a new kind of outreach platform designed to help your church reach your city in a way that saves you time, activates your team, and increases your impact. Our goal is to help your church serve more new people, and see more lives changed – each week.

The Gloo platform is packed with features to help you do this. We currently have two different types of accounts- free and premium. With a free account you’ll be able to:

  1. Send and receive unlimited text messages with your congregation, using features like Broadcast text blasts, customizable Keywords, devotional Series, and Prayer Request gathering.

  2. Access valuable resources through our partnership with the He Gets Us Campaign.

  3. Get real insight into your people's wellbeing with our expertly curated Assessments.

In addition to all of these free features, a premium account will also allow you to:

  1. Engage with people in your community looking for help and connection online through our Explorer Connections Program- people in your area are delivered directly into your account for you to communicate with via text.

  2. Connect to a Barna Access Plus account included in your premium Gloo account in order to take advantage of their powerful data-driven insights.

Free Gloo Accounts

Unlimited Text Messaging

Did you know that text messages have a 98% open rate? Text can be an extremely powerful way to connect with your congregation and help people to grow. Using our completely unlimited and free texting tools, we can help you to share info, boost prayer requests, never miss a message and connect with your people on Sundays and every day in between.

Here are just a few of the features available:

  • Easily gather and respond to Prayer Requests

  • Send custom Broadcast text messages to your entire congregation or smaller groups with announcements and updates

  • Create unlimited custom Keywords to automatically send information, signup sheets, and information

  • Configure text Series that can be used to send devotionals and training content, keep up with first time visitors, and more

  • Collect Stories of how God is moving in and through your congregation

For a full list of the features available, check out our Feature Guides!

He Get Us Resources

The He Gets Us Campaign is the biggest national effort to change hearts and minds about Jesus. With a YouTube channel with hundreds of millions of views, ads run on primetime television and sporting events, and creative strategies like taking over Times Square in New York, the campaign is elevating the national conversation around Jesus and His relevance in our culture.

He Gets Us leverages Gloo as a one-stop-shop to help churches get connected to the campaign—and access resources that drive more engagement with their communities.

Under the Discover tab in your account, you can find all sorts of resources to help plug you into the campaign and keep your church up to date and engaged. You’ll be able to download the videos and logos, set up sermon series and discussion guides around the campaign’s theme, and use our texting features to get your congregation praying, reading, and sharing with their neighbors and friends.


Do you want to check in on the health and wellbeing of your congregation? Would you like to know how effective your current strategies are? Are you curious how your church attendees view Jesus and theology? Alongside partners like Barna, Reveal, and Great Commandment network, Gloo has made our Assessments tool free for you to use as part of your account.

You can easily sign into this tool and deploy one of our partner’s templated Assessments, or create your own from scratch.

Premium Gloo Accounts

Many of the features of a free Gloo account are geared towards interacting with and equipping your church members to grow in their faith and reflect the love of Jesus to the world. But if you are looking for tools to help in your outreach to the community around you, a premium account may be the best choice for you.

The cost of a premium account is based on the size of your church. However, we would never want budget constraints to limit your ability to have an impact on your community. Thanks to a team of generous donors, both full and partial scholarships are available to cover the cost of a Gloo premium account for your church. For more information on how to claim a scholarship, please email us at successteam@gloo.us.

Explorer Connections

Are you looking for more ways to engage with people in your community who don’t necessarily go to church? People are searching online every day for answers and connection. Our ad partners do all the work of gathering these Explorers, as we call them, and Gloo sends them into your Explorer Inbox, so all you have to do is to use our easy texting features to reach out and start a conversation!

When you upgrade to a Gloo premium account, you’ll be automatically enrolled into the Explorer Connections program so that you can start engaging with people in your area today.

Barna Access Plus

At Gloo we believe “knowing” is a big part of being equipped to better serve the people placed into your care. With Barna at the forefront of research and data in the faith industry, and Gloo’s technology powering the Barna Access experience, we make Barna’s powerful insights easily available for you to discover and explore.

All premium Gloo accounts include a subscription to Barna Access Plus.

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