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What features are included in a Gloo account?

Learn the differences between a free account and a Gloo+ account, and which features are included in each.

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Welcome to Gloo! Gloo is a powerful outreach platform designed to help your church reach your city in a way that saves you time, activates your team, and increases your impact. Our goal is to help your church serve more new people, and see more lives changed – each week.

The Gloo platform is packed with features to help you do this. We currently have two different types of accounts- free and Gloo+. With a free account you’ll be able to:

  1. Send and receive up to 10,000 text messages each month with your congregation, using features like Broadcast text blasts, automated Workflows, customizable Keywords, devotional Series, and Prayer Request gathering.

  2. Add up to 3 Groups to help organize your contacts.

  3. Access valuable resources through a variety of Partner Hubs.

  4. Get real insight into your people's wellbeing with our expertly curated Assessments.

  5. Explorer the Marketplace to find products geared towards connected ministry.

In addition to all of these free features, a Gloo+ will also allow you to:

  1. Access unlimited text messaging using the same powerful messaging features.

  2. Add unlimited Groups to help organize your contacts.

  3. Unlimited multi-step Workflows to automate multiple messages, organize your contacts, and keep your team in the loop, all from one keyword.

  4. Engage with people in your community looking for help and connection online through our Explorer Connections Program- people in your area are delivered directly into your account for you to communicate with via text.

  5. Reach new people in your area with customized postcards sent through the New Movers Program.

  6. Instantly download 55+ Digital Sermon Kits, complete with videos, graphics, slides, guides, and more.

  7. Utilize exclusive Marketplace Discounts of up to 20%.

Note: older Premium Gloo accounts created before April 10, 2024 include access to Barna Access Plus and can take advantage of their powerful data-driven insights.

Free Accounts

Text Messaging and Groups

Did you know that text messages have a 98% open rate? Text can be an extremely powerful way to connect with your congregation and help people to grow. Using our completely unlimited and free texting tools, we can help you to share info, boost prayer requests, never miss a message and connect with your people on Sundays and every day in between.

Here are just a few of the features available:

  • Easily gather and respond to Prayer Requests

  • Send custom Broadcast text messages to your entire congregation or smaller groups with announcements and updates

  • Create unlimited custom Keywords to automatically send information, signup sheets, and information

  • Configure text Series that can be used to send devotionals and training content, keep up with first time visitors, and more

Free accounts can send up to 10,000 texts messages each month completely for free! Free accounts also are able to add 3 Groups to organize your people- for more groups, you'll need to For a full list of the features available, check out our Feature Guides.

Partner Hubs 🤝

The Discover tab is full of videos, guides, templates, links, downloads, and other resources to make you more effective in all aspects of your ministry. Some of those resources are simple one-off tools, but others come to you as packages from trusted partners who want to make large amounts of their content available to you for free in the Gloo Discover tab. When a partner has released these large packages of resources, we've collected that content into Hubs for you to browse.


Do you want to check in on the health and wellbeing of your congregation? Would you like to know how effective your current strategies are? Are you curious how your church attendees view Jesus and theology? Alongside partners like Barna, Reveal, and Great Commandment network, Gloo has made our Assessments tool free for you to use as part of your account.

You can easily send these powerful Assessments directly from your Gloo account using our messaging features.


As a result of exciting partnerships with trusted stores and vendors like, Children's Ministry Deals, Shift Worship, and many more, you'll find a variety of products available for purchase in the Marketplace, a one-stop-shop with everything leaders need to have a more connected ministry. You'll find digital products for teaching pastors, kid's ministry leaders, worship leaders, and more, as well as physical products like banners.

Gloo+ Accounts

Click here to learn more about these exciting upgrades to your Gloo account, including pricing information and instructions on how to activate!

Unlimited Messaging and Groups

Enjoy all of the same messaging tools that free accounts do, but your monthly messages and the number of groups you can sync are completely unlimited!

Explorer Connections

Are you looking for more ways to engage with people in your community who don’t necessarily go to church? People are searching online every day for answers and connection. Our ad partners do all the work of gathering these Explorers, as we call them, and Gloo sends them into your Explorer Inbox, so all you have to do is to use our easy texting features to reach out and start a conversation!

When you upgrade to a Gloo premium account, you’ll be automatically enrolled into the Explorer Connections program so that you can start engaging with people in your area today.

New Movers

With the Outreach New Mover Program in your Gloo+ membership, you can automatically mail a personalized postcard invitation to new movers in your selected area each month. Up to 50 mailings per month are included. Click here to learn more!

Sermon Kits

Plan your church calendar effortlessly with instant access to 55+ digital sermon kits, complete with videos, graphics, slides, guides, and more. New content, including series kits for Christmas, Easter, and Back to Church Sunday is added regularly.

Marketplace Discounts

All Gloo accounts have access to our exciting Marketplace with content to supercharge your ministry from trusted stores and vendors like, Children's Ministry Deals, Shift Worship, and many more. But with your Gloo+ membership, you also unlock exclusive deals and discounts. Save up to 20% off select products and subscriptions, and get free shipping on orders over $79.

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