Access powerful Barna tools to assess the health, maturity and effectiveness of your church

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Barna has been a leading name in data and research in the Christian community for decades. Barna helps Christian leaders understand the times and know what to do. And now, many of Barna's powerful assessments have been brought into the platform so that you can easily measure dozens of indicators of your church's health, maturity, and effectiveness.

Under the Measure tab of your account, you can click Assessments to view all of the tools made available through Barna. All of these Assessments can be easily sent out to your congregation via text, and with just a few clicks you can gain valuable insight into your church!

How to use an Assessment

  1. Scroll through the list of available Assessments. You can click on each one to read more about what it measures and how it can be most useful to you.

  2. The right hand side will show you how many questions the Assessment consists of and an estimate of how long it might take a participant to answer all of the questions. You can also click Preview Assessment to see what it will look like to a participant when sent out, or click Preview Results to get an idea of what the custom results page will look like once people have completed the Assessment.

  3. Once you've found an Assessment you want to use, click Send Assessment.

  4. This will take you into your Messaging tab where a Broadcast will open (Feel free to check out our full Broadcast Guide for more information). The Assessment will automatically be attached to your text Broadcast as a link for people to click on.

  5. First, type out a message to let people know what the Assessment is and ask them to click the link and fill it out.

  6. Select who in your account you'd like to send the Assessment to. This can be everyone in your account, specific groups, individuals, or any combination. You can also exclude specific people or groups. For example, if you have a premium Gloo account and are receiving Explorers, all Explorers will automatically be excluded from your Broadcast since most of them likely don't attend your church.

  7. You can choose the send the Broadcast right away, or schedule the Broadcast for a different day/time. Once you've finished, click Preview Broadcast.

  8. Make sure everything is correct and click Send to X People.

That's it! Your Assessment is being sent to your church for them to fill out. Next we'll talk about how to view the results of your Assessment.

Note 1: If you decide later to send the Assessment out to more people, just go back to your original Broadcast, copy/paste the link and send it to anyone you'd like!

Note 2: If you click the Custom Survey button at the top right corner of the screen, you'll be taken out of the Assessments tool and moved into the Surveys tool in Gloo's messaging features. You can use this tool to create fully custom surveys, but the viewing and reporting will be more basic than the premade Barna Assessments.

Viewing your deployed Assessments and Results

Any Assessment you've already sent out can be found by going to Measure -> Assessments -> My Assessments.

Here you'll find a full list of the Assessments you've sent out in the past. You can view how many people have started the Assessment and how many have completed it. Note that until 5 people complete it, no results will be available. You can, however, click Preview Results to get an idea of what your results page will look like.

Once at least 5 people have completed your Assessment, you can click View Results to see how they responded!

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