Text Broadcasts are the ultimate time saver and the best way to get quick, direct communication to your people! It only takes one minute to send a message to all of your people or groups of your people. Everyone receives the message as if it is a personal message.

Use Text Broadcasts to send announcements, encouragements, and more!

How to send a text broadcast

1. Under your Engage menu navigate to Outbound and Broadcasts. Click Write a Message.

2. Select Text to send a text broadcast.

3. Craft your message.

Pro Tip: Enhance your messages in 3 different ways:

  • Boost your message by adding an image.

  • Personalize your message so that each recipient receives the text with their name inserted.

  • Clean up the message by shortening any URL's you've included.

4. Select who you want to send it to: individuals, groups, or your entire congregation.

If there is a group or individuals you'd like to exclude, click Exclude these groups and/or people. Then select which groups and/or individuals you don't want included.

Note: If your plan includes Explorers, Gloo automatically adds all Explorers to an Explorer Group, which is automatically excluded from all Broadcasts. This is to prevent accidentally sending out regular church communication to an Explorer who may not be connected with your church yet. If you would like to include Explorers in your Broadcast, simply remove them from the exclusion list.

5. You can send the message immediately by selecting Send now.

6. Or, you can choose Schedule for Later. Select the date and time you want the message to be sent.

7. Click Preview Broadcast.

8. Make sure you have the Broadcast the way you like it. Once you've verified all the information is correct, click Create to send your message.

See any upcoming messages scheduled to go out.

Refresh your page to see updated information in real time.

See all your previous Broadcasts and related information.

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