Shortening a URL

Save on characters in your messages by shortening any links you include!

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Shorten a URL when using the following Gloo features:

How to Shorten a URL

Our URL shortener is built into the system, so there is no special setup required! All you have to do is:

1. Type in the entire URL in any message. It can be alone, or part of a larger message. Gloo automatically detects the link, so simply click the shorten URL button (the one that looks like a chainlink) and a new, shorter link will be generated.

2. Note that the URL will not look shortened right away, but you will get a green pop up notification to let you know the shortener did its job.

3. Once you have moved on (saved your Series update, previewed your Broadcast, saved your Quick Response, etc), the correct, shortened version of the URL will appear.

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