Navigating Barna Access Plus

This article gives an overview of the Barna Access Plus homepage, where you can view and learn about channels, tools and CityToolkits.

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You can access Barna Access plus by logging into Gloo, and clicking the Barna Access icon. For some quick help, check out the video below!


The featured article at the top of the page changes weekly based on what what is relevant at any time. Below the featured article you can view various articles, reports, podcasts and videos. This content is tailored by Barna so you can find the most relevant information on trending issues.

Scrolling down you will also find information on the State of the Church 2020, as well as information on Flourishing and Thriving, with podcasts, reports and articles related to those topics.


You can use the Channels drop down at the top of the screen to view different channels such as:

  • Digital Church

  • Leadership

  • Next Generation

  • Race & The Church

  • Schools & Education

  • State of the Church

  • Thriving Churches

  • Trends


You can access other Tools in Barna Access Plus by clicking the tools dropdown

  • Assessments and Checkins - Get connected with people you serve, whether it be leaders or individuals within your Church. Assessments come preconfigured and can be accessed by clicking on their individual icons.

  • Barna Courses

  • Reports and Field Guides

  • Visual Library

  • Workshops

Barna Cities

Those interested in Barna Cities can find more information on the project and City Toolkit by clicking the Barna Cities dropdown.

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