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What is the difference between Barna Access and Barna Access Plus?

Barna Access Plus offers faith leaders reliable research, informative articles, digital tools, and interactive learning experiences, all powered by data. This, in turn, will empower leaders to make strategic decisions with confidence, drive innovation, and position them for greater ministry and community impact. Barna Access is a free offering providing select resources to Champions.

How often will content be updated on Barna Access Plus?

New content will be added monthly, if not more frequently.

What is the cost for Barna Access Plus?

Pricing depends on the plan you select based on the number of people who will need an account and if you will need advanced tools. Barna offers Individual, Team and Organization subscription packages. There is a 20% discount if you sign up with an annual subscription - and in some cases, you may qualify for a scholarship to cover the cost.

Do I need to buy access per person or can I get it for my whole organization?

A Barna Access Plus subscription that is not a single user subscription allows your organization to provide access to anyone once they create a Gloo account as a member of your organization. Learn how to invite someone to your organization in Gloo.

Can I buy an individual piece of content?

Barna Access Plus is subscription only. Content is not available individually, however some Reporting and Content can be purchased at the Barna Store.

Can I use my app.gloo.us email to access Barna?

Yes, you can now use your existing app.gloo.us email address to sign into or sign up for Barna Access.

Who can I contact with inquiries about research and data, including commissioning a research project?

Please contact Savannah Kimberlin (skimberlin@barna.org)

Who can I contact with inquiries about booking speaking engagements?

Please contact Brenda Usery (busery@barna.org)

Who can I contact with general inquiries about Barna products, services or the Barna online Store?

Please contact Barna (barnagroup@barna.org)

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