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Creating and signing into your Barna Access Plus account
Creating and signing into your Barna Access Plus account

This article provides an overview for purchasing a Barna Access Plus subscription.

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Barna Access Plus offers full access to hot-off-the-press releases including over 40 Barna reports, 25 corresponding sermon slides, 13 infographics and much more. Stay up-to-date on the latest research for trending topics such as Digital Church, Next Generation, and Leadership, specially curated into "channels" for Barna Access Plus users.

If you have a premium account with Gloo, then one free seat for a Barna Access Plus account is included in the price of your Gloo account! If you would like for more of your team to have access, you can purchase additional seats once you've set up your account.

If you do not have a premium account, Barna Access Plus starts at $19 a month. You may subscribe annually and receive a 20% discount. There are also discounts for purchasing multiple seats.

If you don't have a Gloo account and just want to purchase Barna Access Plus on its own, click here to purchase.

How to sign into your Barna Access Plus account

  1. From the homepage of your Gloo account, click in the card on the top left side until it takes you to the Barna banner. Then click Visit Barna Access.

  2. Your Gloo account and your Barna account will be tied. When you first sign in, an account will automatically be created for you using your Gloo credentials. If your Gloo account is a premium account, you will automatically have one free seat in Barna Access Plus. If your Gloo account is a free account, you will be able to sign into Barna, but you will still need to purchase Barna Access Plus separately.

  3. You can view the status of your Barna account by clicking on your profile icon in the top right corner, followed by Manage Subscription.

    • If your Gloo account is premium, your free seat will show:

    • If your Gloo account is free, you'll need to purchase Barna Access Plus:

How to purchase additional Barna Access Plus seats

If you have a premium Gloo account, you will have one free seat included in your account, but you can purchase up to 20 seats for teammates or friends. If you have a free Gloo account, you'll need to purchase a seat for yourself before moving on.

  1. From your Barna homepage, click on your profile icon in the top right corner, followed by Manage Subscription.

  2. You can buy up to 20 discounted subscriptions to assign to your team, colleagues, or friends.

  3. Enter your desired billing cadence, how many seats you'd like to purchase, and your payment information (if you don't already have a payment method on file). Click Add. Note that once you select a billing cadence, all purchased seats moving forward will follow the same cadence.

  4. Your newly purchased seat(s) will show up under your subscriptions. Click Edit to assign that seat to a teammate or friend.

  5. Enter an email address for your teammate or friend. That person will receive an email invitation to set up their profile within your Barna Access Plus account. Click Save.

  6. When adding additional seats in the future, the confirmation page will show how much you owe today for adding the seat, as well as how much you will owe in total on your next billing date. Any seats you add to your account midway through your billing cycle will be prorated.

  7. Users you have invited will show a status of "Invite Sent" until they claim the invitation. Once they do, their account will be marked as "Account created."

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