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Get connected to resources, products and templates in our Discover tab

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Our Discover tab is designed to connect you with a wide variety of resources, downloadable content, strategies, and pre-written text messages to help you become even more effective in engaging with people. You can save time and energy using these tried and true resources curated from our partners.

There is very little direct account setup required to interact with these resources. If you haven't already, make sure to check out our Full Account Setup Guide for a few necessary setup steps every account must take. Once you've completed those, start exploring!

The Discover tab has two major sections: Marketplace and Resources.


In the Gloo Marketplace you can find and purchase a variety of products from trusted partners like Outreach, Children's Ministry Deals, Shift Worship, and more. The Gloo Marketplace is a one-stop-shop with everything leaders need to have a more connected ministry. You'll find digital products for teaching pastors, kid's ministry leaders, worship leaders, and more.

Looking for more information about the Marketplace? You can find everything you need to know in these articles!


Under the Resources tab you'll find a huge library of resources that will make you more effective in your ministry. And the best part is, most of them are free! This section is arranged as lists of cards that you can click into and use. These cards are arranged into categories based on the resource it offers. From the Discover Home page you can scroll through the following categories:

  • Featured Resources: Check out our new, popular, and featured resources in this section

  • Hubs: Easily find all of the resources from a specific partner in one place

  • Featured Products: Browse some of the popular products from the Marketplace

  • Messaging Templates: Easy templates for some of Gloo's popular messaging features like Broadcasts and Series

  • Assessments: Templated Assessments from partners like Barna

Over in the left hand menu, these are broken down into even more categories that may be useful:

  • Scholarships: Gloo partner organizations are generously offering scholarships that you can take advantage of to advance your training and ministry.

  • Kits: A collection of resources to execute a strategy. A Kit will often contain several different Templates and resources, as well as a guide on how to effectively use the Kit.

  • Videos: Free videos for anything from worship tutorials to episodes of The Chosen

  • Downloads: Files available to save- usually a guide, walkthrough, or creative asset designed to help you

  • Links: External online content supplementary to the rest of the resources in a Kit

  • Broadcast Templates: Templated one time text messages to blast to your people

  • Series Templates: Templated text messages sent over time that someone can opt into receiving- usually with devotional content or daily prayer prompts

  • Keyword Templates: Templated single response texts that are sent based on a trigger word- usually used to easily distribute additional links and resources to your people

For step by step guides on how to use these resources, check out these articles:

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