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Learn how to download the digital products you've purchased

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Once you've purchased a digital product through the Discover tab, you'll immediately be able to download and use your files. You have an unlimited number of downloads and can return at any time, so feel free to download all of your files at once, or just download the ones you need right away and return for the others later.

Note: In the future, all team members in your organization will be able to see and access your downloads. At the moment, however, only the team member who purchased the product will have access to it.

Finding Your Downloads

There will be a few ways to get to the downloads page of your Gloo account to access your products.

  1. First, immediately after purchasing there will be a link to View Account on your purchase confirmation in the Gloo app.

  2. Second, the confirmation email you receive will also contain a link to Download Items where you can access your downloads.

  3. Finally, at any time you can sign into your Gloo account and click on your name in the top right corner of the screen to navigate to Orders.

Downloading Your Purchases

Any of the three methods above will take you to your Orders page in your account. All of your previous orders will be listed here and available for download.

  1. Just click the Downloads button next to the product you want.

  2. Many products contain multiple files. You can download a zip folder containing all of the files in one place, but these files sizes can often be very large. Alternatively, you can download the individual files you need in the moment by clicking on them.

Have any questions? We're always happy to help! You can reach out to us at at any time, or simply respond to your confirmation email and we'll be there to assist you!

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