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Learn more about SermonCentral PRO Plus subscription in the Gloo Marketplace

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What is SermonCentral?

SermonCentral PRO Plus is a powerful tool that can help pastors deliver sermons that inspire and uplift their congregations. With access to a vast collection of resources, pastors can build upon ideas and have the support they need week after week. These resources will resonate with congregations and inspire people to keep living out the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

With SermonCentral PRO Plus, pastors can deliver encouraging Christ-centered sermons that transform lives.

SermonCentral PRO Plus Includes

  • Unlimited Sermons

  • Unlimited Illustrations

  • Unlimited Text Downloads

  • Lectionary Calendar

  • Sermon Collections

  • Unlimited Video Downloads

  • Unlimited PowerPoint Downloads

  • Unlimited Countdown Videos

  • Unlimited Worship Videos

  • Unlimited Background Stills

To manage your SermonCentral subscription in Gloo, follow the instructions here. Note that once you have canceled your subscription in Gloo, if you'd like you can come back to your SermonCentral account details and click Close Account to get your account details fully deleted from SermonCentral.

For any questions about your subscription and billing, please reach out to us at

For any questions about SermonCentral content or usage, you can visit their Help Center here, or contact their dedicated team directly by emailing or calling (866) 899-4426.

How to purchase SermonCentral through Gloo

  1. Navigate to Discover -> Marketplace and search for SermonCentral. Click on the card.

  2. Follow the instructions to add the subscription to your cart, enter payment information, and confirm. For more help, feel free to check out our full Subscriptions article!

Activating Your SermonCentral PRO Plus Subscription

  1. Once you have purchased the subscription, two new tabs will appear in your left navigation: Apps and Subscriptions

  2. Hover over the Apps tab and select SermonCentral PRO Plus.

  3. You will be prompted to authorize the subscription- click Accept.

  4. Once you've authorized, you'll be taken to SermonCentral's page with all of your subscription's resources. You can click on Account to view more information on your subscription.

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