Explorer partner content through dedicated Hubs in the Discover tab

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The Discover tab is full of videos, guides, templates, links, downloads, and other resources to make you more effective in all aspects of your ministry. Some of those resources are simple one-off tools, but others come to you as packages from trusted partners who want to make large amounts of their content available to you for free in the Gloo Discover tab. When a partner has released these large packages of resources, we've collected that content into Hubs for you to browse.

To find a Hub, just go to the Discover tab, click Hubs and start exploring!

When you click into any Hub, you'll first be able to see an overview of what is contained inside.

As you scroll through any Hub, you'll see different collections of resources around different topics. If you're familiar with Kits in the Discover tab, you might think of a Hub as a massive Kit with all of the resources from one partner. Resources are arranged around different topics- for example, the Church Trends Hub we are in right now has a section dedicated to ministry reaching out to Millennials and Gen Z.

So go ahead and explore all of the free content available to you through Hubs! If you are looking for more help in using any of the resources contained in the Hubs, make sure to check out the other articles in the Resources section of our Help Center for guides on how to use each type of resource!

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