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Tips on Introducing Gloo Messaging to Your Congregation
Tips on Introducing Gloo Messaging to Your Congregation

Watch this video to learn how to engage and connect with your members throughout the week.

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Make an announcement from the stage about the new texting system: The first step in introducing the new Gloo communication platform is to make an announcement from the stage. This can be done by putting a QR code on the screen or in the bulletin, encouraging the congregation to text your toll-free number in real time. This ensures that no one mistypes the number and quickly adds them to the platform. It is important to inform them that a mass text message, called a broadcast, will be sent later in the week to their phone.

Follow up with a church-wide text message: The second step is to follow up with a church-wide text message in the next few days after the announcement. This message should express excitement about Gloo Messaging and inform the congregation about its various benefits, such as sharing prayer requests or subscribing to devotional series. Encourage them to save the number in their contacts. It is also recommended to announce this on social media channels and email blasts.

Introduce additional features gradually: After a week has passed, it is advisable to introduce additional features of Gloo's Messaging platform slowly. This approach ensures that the congregation becomes familiar with Gloo's features without feeling overwhelmed.

Collect feedback on the texting platform: The final step is to collect feedback from the congregation on how they perceive Gloo Messaging. This feedback can be gathered yearly or bi-yearly and can be included as part of the church's assessments. The goal is to ensure that the communication between the ministry and the members is clear, engaging, and meaningful. Feedback can be collected through assessments available in the Gloo account's Measure tab.

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