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Tips on Running a Prayer Request Campaign at Your Church
Tips on Running a Prayer Request Campaign at Your Church

Watch this video to learn more about these effective strategies for engaging your church community in prayer.

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Create a Custom QR Code: This can be done by using messaging tools and selecting the QR code generator. The QR code should be customized to include the text "pray for" as a prompt so that when scanned, it automatically opens the texting app with the recipient's phone number and "pray for" pre-filled in the message box. This allows individuals to easily send in their prayer requests via text.

Display QR Code in Various Locations: Once the custom QR code is generated, it can be downloaded, printed, and shared in different locations. Place the QR code in the bulletin, on flyers, around the church premises, or even on social media platforms. By making the QR code accessible and visible, individuals can easily scan it and send in their prayer requests.

Make an Announcement at Church: The congregation can be invited to share their prayer requests by texting the phrase "pray for" to the provided phone number. This encourages direct interaction and engagement with the church community and allows individuals to express their specific prayer needs.

By implementing these methods, the church can actively receive and address the prayer needs of its members.

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