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Creating and Editing Groups
Creating and Editing Groups

Groups are easy to create and manage in your Settings.

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Groups are a great way to organize your people. Groups make sending out broadcast messages easier and more effective because you can target the appropriate people with your messaging.

How do I create a new group?

1. Under your Engage menu, navigate to My People -> Groups and click Create a Group.

3. Name your group, add a helpful description for internal use, and click Create.

How do I add people to a group?

1. Click View next to the group you want to add people to.

2. Click Add people.

3. Select the new people you want to add and click Add people.

How do I remove people from a group?

1. Click View next to the group you want to remove people from.

2. Click the 3 dots next to someone’s name and select Remove from Group to remove a person from a group.

Note: You can also add or remove people from a group using Effects.

How do I edit or delete a group?

1. Click View next to the group you want to edit or delete.

2. Click Edit Group.

3. Edit the details and click Save, or click Delete to remove the group.

4. If deleting, confirm deleting the group.

How do I export a group?

1. Click View next to the group you want to export.

2. Click the Export icon.

3. Click Download Now.

Making a Group Private

Note: This is useful when not wanting the ability to have people opt-in. A Private Group cannot be used when creating Effects.

1. Click View next to the group you want to make private.

2. Click Edit Group.

3. Toggle on Make this group private and click Save.

Group Management with ChMS Integration

When you integrate with your Church Management System, any list that is integrated will automatically become a group in your Gloo account. These groups will be flagged with the symbol of your ChMS to let you know they've been synced over.

If you want to add/remove people from these integrated groups, make the changes in your ChMS account and they will be reflected in your Gloo account once the integration is re-synced. Changes made to Groups in your Gloo account will not impact the group/list in your ChMS.

ChMS integrations are automatically synced every night. You can also manually sync your integration at any point under the integration tab in your settings.

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