What kind of phone number can I get with Gloo?

Learn the differences between toll free numbers, local numbers, and short codes

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As experts in SMS communication, we have experience with all of the complicated intricacies that exist in the tele-communication world.

In general there are three options for what type of phone number can be used for messaging- Toll Free Numbers (TFN), 10 Digit Local Numbers (10DLC), and 5 Digit Short Codes.

In the vast majority of cases, the best option for an account on the Gloo platform is a TFN. Toll free phone numbers provide the personal feel of a 10 digit phone number without losing quick text messaging throughput. Toll free numbers also enable us to give each church its own unique phone number. Outside of special circumstances, we always recommend using TFNs, and when you click the Claim Now button in your account, by default a TFN will be claimed and applied to your account.

However, in the event that you'd like to explore the option of using a 10DLC or a Short Code, the Gloo platform can accommodate this, and you can reach out to support@gloo.us to learn more about how to move forward and if one of these other options is a good fit for you.

Messaging options at a glance

Toll Free Numbers

Local Numbers

Short Codes

10 digits

10 digits

5 digits

High throughput

Low throughput

High throughput

Easy to acquire

Difficult to acquire

Very difficult to acquire



$1500 per month

Unlimited messaging

Monthly messaging cap

Unlimited messaging

High deliverability confidence

Medium deliverability confidence

Highest deliverability confidence

1-5 day verification process

1-2 week registration process

2-3 month application process

Why We Recommend Toll Free Numbers (TFN)

In the vast majority of cases, a TFN will be the best option. TFNs are cheap, easy to acquire, and require a simple application process that we at Gloo complete on your behalf. TFNs are able to send a very high volume of messages in a short time (up to 125 messages/second), whereas 10DLCs are much slower (only about 1-2 messages/second). TFNs are also a very reliable way to send messages, while 10DLCs can and do get blocked by carriers for reasons outside of our control.

TFNs are also free and very easy to acquire- when clicking the Claim Now button, a number is claimed instantaneously before going through our automated verification process. 10DLCs are more complex and will likely require 1-2 weeks to acquire. Several additional pieces of information, including your church/company's Tax ID Number (EIN) will be required. Short codes are the most complex, requiring a 2-3 month long application process.

Reasons to use a 5 Digit Short Code or a 10 Digit Local Number (10DLC)

Some churches like the idea of a simple 5 digit code that people can text. In the past, several organizations were allowed to share a single code, which allowed for lower costs. Now, however, all Short Codes must be dedicated codes used by only one organization. If you are interested in using a Short Code and are prepared to pay the $1500 per month fee, contact us at support@gloo.us and we are happy to walk you through that process.

If you already have a local phone number (10DLC) that you are using for text messaging and would like to use that number in your Gloo account, we are happy to help you port that number over to our system. Just send an email to support@gloo.us to get started. Please note that during the port there will likely be a short (1-2 week) service interruption on that number. Also, remember that once the number is ported into Gloo, it can ONLY be used for SMS and MMS text messaging- it will not have any voice capabilities. You can check out this article for more information.

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