What campaigns are reaching Explorers?
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Gloo partners with ad campaigns to deliver Explorers looking for meaningful connection to your organization. Each campaign is designed to reach a certain demographic who are seeking support on slightly different topics, but all want to connect with someone on life’s deep issues.

We currently have 19 active campaign partners, and 9 more launching soon.

Currently running:

  • Churches Care: Churches Care is a campaign designed to reach Explorers searching for answers to deep felt-needs such as relationship problems, loneliness, anxiety, depression, loss and more.

  • Groundwire: Groundwire, an outreach network, runs God Likes You and When Life Hurts campaigns that create opportunities for your church to connect with the next gen of Millenials and Gen Z who reach out with life’s most meaningful questions or request to connect with a local church after recommitting their life to Christ or accepting Christ for the first time.

  • K-LOVE: K-LOVE campaigns create opportunities for listeners looking for prayer to chat with a prayer team available 24/7 who connects them with trusted church partners.

  • Hope With God: Hope with God campaigns, in association with the Luis Palau Association, create opportunities for Explorers around the world to hear the Good News 24/7 and invite them to accept Jesus Chris as Savior.

  • crossXover: crossXover gives churches and ministry partners the ability to connect with primarily Gen-Z and Millennials through popular creators on the platforms that matter most to them.

  • Delafé Testimonies: Delafé Testimonies is a global project on mission to create the world's largest archive of testimonies that show how Jesus has set people free.

  • Anthony O'Neal: Anthony O’Neal is a bestselling author, course creator, host, speaker, and educator with the goal of helping people live debt-free, purposeful lives.

  • Casting Crowns: Casting Crowns unites the power of music and ministry to reach people in all stages of their faith journey and help them take a next step.

  • Newsboys: On tour this Fall, Newsboys will give concertgoers an opportunity to accept Jesus, receive prayer, and/or get connected to a local church.

  • Winter Jam 2024: Winter Jam is a Christian concert series that provides an opportunity for people to take a next step in their faith journey and connect with a local church.

  • Holy Culture Radio: Holy Culture Radio delivers Christian Hip Hop media and serves those who create it in order to edify believers and share the gospel with non-believers.

  • Jacob Coyne: Jacob Coyne is a preacher, content creator, and founder of Stay Here with the goal to spread the Gospel and help people take their next step of faith.

  • Life Without Limbs: Life Without Limbs, a Nick Vujicic ministry, champions the cause of the brokenhearted and shares the good news of Jesus Christ around the world.

  • Raceway Ministries: Raceway Ministries provides ministry to the racing community by demonstrating the love of God and serving people at countless races throughout the year.

  • The Send: The Send is a collaborative coalition of Jesus followers, dedicated to mobilizing and activating a generation into their missional and evangelistic calling.

  • Thess Bar: Thess Bar provides a nutritious meal and the full Gospel in a simple bar, specifically designed for those who are homeless or impoverished.

  • Blessed Media: Blessed Media, in partnership with Unite Life, creates opportunities for millions of Explorers around the world to hear the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ and invites them to connect to other believers in their region.

  • Plus Nothing: Plus Nothing is a campaign designed to provide Explorers with the book The Life and Teachings of Jesus of Nazareth and encourage them to make a personal connection with someone to help them continue their journey.

  • Resolution Movement: Resolution Movement is a campaign and movement designed to help people get connected with a life-giving church so they can thrive in life with Jesus and with others.

Launching Soon:

  • Love Thy Nerd: Love Thy Nerd is an organization of gamers that exists to be the love of Jesus to nerds and nerd culture and help them get connected to community.

  • Lux Digital Church: Lux, a digital church experience created by gamers, for gamers, is devoted to the mission of Jesus and helping people take a next step to get connected.

  • Logikos Ministries: Logikos is a ministry that exists to help the world hear about Jesus, have a reasonable response to the reality of God, and feel encouraged on their journey.

  • Christian Festival Association: The Christian Festival Association consists of North America’s largest Christian music festivals united by a common goal, to bring glory to God.

  • GodSpeaks: GodSpeaks is a worldwide movement that seeks to interrupt the hopelessness that people experience in their lives and direct them to God and His love.

  • Bob Lenz Life Promotions: Bob Lenz is an author, speaker, and the president of Life Promotions, with a big passion for communicating the grace of the gospel to the world.

  • Athletes in Action: Athletes in Action is on mission to build spiritual movements through the platform of sport so that everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus.Collegiate Day of Prayer is a united, multi-generational day of prayer for revival and awakening on college campuses across America.

  • Collegiate Day of Prayer 2024: Collegiate Day of Prayer is a united, multi-generational day of prayer for revival and awakening on college campuses across America.

  • The Heaven Guy: The Heaven Guy is a ministry with a mission to bring as many people as possible into Heaven and to encourage God’s people to become more Heaven-minded.

To stay up to date on our ongoing and upcoming campaigns:

  1. Under your Messaging menu, go to the Campaigns section.

  2. Scroll through the campaigns, noting the difference between ‘Currently Running’ campaigns and those ‘Launching Soon.’

  3. Click the Learn More button for a brief overview of the campaign.

  4. Click the See How it Works button to open up a more detailed explanation of the campaign, and to see sample ads.

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