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First Responder volunteer job description

Use this sample job description to cast vision for volunteers of what their role will be in responding to Explorers

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As you build a team to help respond to the Explorers you receive in the Gloo platform, it can be helpful to clearly cast vision and convey expectations. That's why we've created this simple template for you to use. You can send it to your volunteers digitally so that it will include links, or just print it out and hand it to them and send the appropriate links later.

First Responder Volunteer Job Description


Time Required: 2-4 hours a week

Meetings: All-Volunteer Meeting twice a year

Here are four terms you probably need to know:

  1. Explorer – This is the term for people reaching for encouragement, prayer, or answers.

  2. Gloo – This is the technology partner and platform that routes explorers to our church.

  3. Campaign – Explorers may be connected with you through campaigns like Churches Care, K-Love, crossXover, or other types of felt-need ads.

  4. Responder – That’s you! Think of yourself as a “first responder” – you’ll be the first person to digitally connect with someone who has a need or question.

As a Responder for our church, here's what you will do throughout the week:

  1. You’ll receive a notification when an explorer is looking to connect, but you can also check the Inbox in the Gloo app.

  2. Use the Gloo website app to quickly respond to explorers when they reach out.

  3. Respond to Explorers via text in a timely manner. Explorers are nearly 70% more likely to respond when they hear from someone within 15 minutes of submitting their information!

  4. You do not need to solve the Explorer’s problems; instead, focus on encouraging them to engage with you and share more about what is going on. Build trust first and gradually bring Gospel-truths into the conversation. Here’s a guide to help you have conversations.

  5. Make notes in the Gloo app on the Explorer's profile to indicate the level of communication you’ve had with an Explorer.

Here's where to go if you need help:

  1. The Getting Started Course will give you a good overview.

  2. Gloo has an online Help Center with all sorts of articles that will be beneficial. Make sure to check out the Explorer Connections Best Practices section.

  3. Reach out to leadership if this Explorer requires greater care than you can provide! It is perfectly fine to seek outside help.

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