Gloo's prayer feature makes capturing requests and responding to them a seamless and meaningful experience for your people. Why not take that beyond your walls and into the greater community?

Here's how to do it step by step!

Create a flyer with an SMS QR Code

  1. Go to a free SMS QR code generator, like this one.

  2. Navigate to the SMS tab.

  3. Insert your phone number (without dashes and parentheses) and then insert the pre-filled text as "Pray for."

  4. Save the SMS QR Code as an image to your device.

  5. Design and print a flyer like this one!

Now all someone has to do is scan the code, fill in their request, and press send!

Distribute this flyer in your community

These flyers can go anywhere! Here's a few ideas:

  • Your local hospital or homeless shelter or college campus.

  • Placed on cars in a parking lot.

  • Given to your congregants to distribute to their neighbors.

Take time to pray for and respond to the requests

  1. Assign requests to various team members and volunteers.

  2. Respond to the prayer requests! If you click the Mark as Prayed icon, you'll be able to send back a default response you can configure in your Customizations, or a completely custom message.

  3. Optional: Encourage people to extend an invitation to further connection in their response.

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