Gloo automatically acknowledges when someone sends in a text so people receive immediate feedback.

You can customize the texts that get sent when:

Edit Customizations

  1. Under your Engage menu, navigate to Settings -> Automations -> Customizations.

  2. Edit any response you'd like by clicking on it.

    Note: Gloo will use the default responses for anything you leave blank.

  3. Three of the Customizations can be toggled on and off. Please note that if you turn off the New Unresolved Message response, when someone texts in a question Gloo doesn't know how to respond to, no response will get sent back. The message will still get flagged for you to manually respond in the Messages tab.

    The Prayer Request - Prayed For message cannot be toggled on/off because it is not sent automatically, but only manually when responding to prayer requests.

    Note: Since conversations with Explorers oftentimes will not utilize the language processing automations built into Gloo, messages from Explorers will never be marked as unresolved, nor will they receive the automated response, even if it is turned on in your account.

  4. Try out your new responses using the Texting Simulator!

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