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Managing your Inbox and Prayer Requests in the mobile app
Managing your Inbox and Prayer Requests in the mobile app

Don't let any conversations slip through the cracks in the mobile Inbox.

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The Gloo mobile app is designed to help you keep track of conversations on the go. The Inbox tab of your mobile app combines the features of the All Messages tab and the Prayer Inbox tab on the web app so that you can view and respond to conversations, unresolved messages, and prayer requests right from the app.

Manage individual conversations and respond to flagged messages

  1. Tap on the Inbox button. The All Messages tab will be selected by default. This tab will not contain any messages from Explorers, but only messages that correlate to the Engage tab in the web app. These are most commonly messages from church members.

    In the mobile app, the default view in this tab will be for unresolved messages. You can read more about unresolved messages here, but essentially they are messages that the Gloo system is not set up to automatically respond to and may need more personal attention. If you have no messages that require any action from you, your Inbox will simply say, "You did it! No new messages."

    You can always change the filter to show all messages, whether they are resolved or unresolved. You can do this either by tapping the filter button, or, if your Inbox is empty, you can tap Go to Resolved Messages. If you set the filter to show all messages, they will be ordered by unresolved messages with the most recent unresolved message first, followed by all other messages with the most recent message first.

  2. To find a particular message you can scroll through recent messages, tap the search button to search for a specific conversation by name or phone number, or use the filtering options at the top. You can filter by message status (all, resolved or unresolved), and/or which of your team members a particular conversation is assigned to.

  3. Tap the Assign button to assign a conversation to one of your team members. The button will then change to a light blue and show the name of the assigned team member.

  4. If Gloo didn’t know how to respond to a message, it will show the dark green Mark as Resolved button on the right side. This means that no auto-response was sent out using a Keyword or Quick Response, and this conversation likely needs your attention.

  5. Tap the message you want to view to see the whole conversation history.

  6. Respond by tapping Type a message here.

    Note: In the conversation history, any time Gloo sent an automated response, that message will be marked. Responses manually sent by you will not be marked.

  7. When finished, return to the main page and mark the conversation as resolved.

  8. If the person's status is anything other than Active, you will not be able to message them. Their status will be marked below their name, and if you attempt to send a message, the system will inform you that you are unable to send a message to that person.

View and respond to prayer requests

  1. Tap on the Inbox button and select the Prayer tab. By default, you will only see prayer requests that have not been marked as prayed for. If you have no new requests, your Prayer Inbox will simply say, "You did it! No new prayers."

  2. Prayer requests can be filtered by their status (pray for or not prayed for) and/or which team member they are assigned to. If your Inbox is empty and you'd like to view old prayer requests, you can simply tap Go to Resolved Prayer Requests.

  3. You can also tap the search icon to search prayer requests by content, but not by the name of who made the request.

  4. Tap the Assign button to assign the prayer request to one of your team members.

  5. Resolve the prayer request by tapping the Mark as Prayed button.

  6. You can choose to either send the default message you’ve set up in your Customizations or just skip sending the message (although we don’t recommend this). If you'd like to send a completely custom response to the prayer request, you'll need to sign into the full web version of the Gloo app.

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